Tesla Model S Slams Into Mazda 6


In Nanjing, China, during a Tesla Model S test drive (official or unofficial, we’re not sure), the electric car collided violently with a Mazda 6.

Specific details are very sparse, but we do know that all of the occupants in the Model S are okay.  There’s no word at this time on the status of those in the Mazda 6, but its damage looks much less severe.

Wrecked Mazda

Wrecked Mazda

Lastly, an image of the Model S shows the rear of the vehicle.  There’s no license plate, which would seem to indicate it’s either an unregistered car or perhaps a manufacturer’s vehicles.

A Fair Amount Of Damage

A Fair Amount Of Damage

No License Plate

No License Plate

Source: Car News China

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Well, that’s one less Model S to move in China.

LOL. I was thinking the same thing.

The Tesla took a lot more damage than the Mazda. That doesn’t seem typical.

Automatic braking…. Couldn’t come fast enough to a Tesla near you.
Is the new software update out yet?

Thankfully it hit a Mazda which is as safe or safer than the Tesla. It could have hit one of many chinese tin cans instead.

Mazda safer than Tesla?… What are you talking about perhaps the Mazda slam into the Tesla with those weak breaks.

The Tesla has a larger crumple zone in the front since there is basically nothing up there.

I wonder how that ability to absorb energy in an accident is affected in dual motor cars?

Looks like the Tesla was shoved sideways by the Mazda. And based on where it’s sitting, I’m wondering if the collision wasn’t intentional?

I could make a comment about Asian Drivers, but I’ll refrain. 😉

Yeah, people from other parts of the world never have accidents.

It seems to me, that the damages of both cars do not fit together. The Model S is damaged like the Mazda would have slip over the ground plating into the frunk. So should be damaged at a lower part. But acutally the Mazda is also damaged on an upper part. You can also see that is at least 300 ft more distance to the big builing. Hard to believe it would have driven the distance.

I agree…the damage looks odd indeed. My first thought was ‘where’s the third vehicle’ as these two don’t appear to have collided alone.

I was thinking the same thing. If the Model S had damage over that extensive an area, much of it would have had to come in contact with the Mazda, but clearly the latter didn’t have that great a contact in the collision, because only a small part of its surface area is damaged.

Perhaps these are photos of two separate accidents?

Chris, I totally Agree! The S Probably Hit The Corner Of a Brick Building , By the looks Of it & The Mazda????Who Cares!

BTW….If The GLOVE DON’T FIT….You must Aquit!

Agreed, the damage shown here doesn’t fit at all. Please note the Tesla body is made way stronger, so the Mazda would have as much or more damage. There is also NO paint scrapes from one car on the other, (they are different colors) so they never hit each other. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out this is a staged fake for some reason.

Who staged this? It could be an angry or jealous Mazda dealer, or one of the many speculators in China who bought and tried to flip the Tesla, but got stuck with a loss. Phony claims often happen, when someone gets stuck with an investment they can’t unload, so they try to “sell” it to the insurance company.

Not sure, but it does looks like the Mazda was in contact with the Tesla. The damage is really high up, perhaps the Mazda got air time ?

@Eric is this really breaking news of the day?

I agree. Surely, there must be some new Tesla street racing video posted on YouTube overnight.

I agree that the damage does not match. My guess is that the Tesla suffered a primary and secondary impact.

Cool to see how squishy the frunk section is. All that bent metal looks bad, but is great for passengers.

Designing the absorption zones must be a lot easier without having to deal with a large chunk of solid engine/transmission between the impact and the passengers.

At least it didn’t end up as an inferno of molten aluminum.

I wonder if these pics will negatively impact Tesla sales in China. A prospective Chinese buyer might see these pics and conclude that the expensive aluminum Tesla is built really flimsy, and the cheaper steel ICE Mazda is built like a tank. Most posters on this site concluded the exact opposite last year, concluding that the Tesla was built like a tank when it rear-ended a flimsy Corolla, obliterating its back end and killing some of its passengers. Crash aftermath pics have a very strong conscious and subconscious impact on our impression of a car’s safety, which then affects our decision on whether or not to purchase a particular car.

BTW, does anyone know what the police investigation determined regarding last year’s fatal Tesla/Corolla crash?


Did someone let that little kid drive again?


Emblematic of Tesla’s big troubles in China.

I would like to see the back of the Mazda, the damage of the Tesla looks more like if the car went under the other car. And the front damage in the Mazfa would be with a third car in front of this.

Any of you who are saying ‘the damage doesn’t fit’ are… wrong. It absolutely fits. The front of the MS is demolished (above the battery/chassis/suspension) because of the Mazda’s solid lump of engine Vs the MS’s… well, fresh air (‘frunk’). I really can’t see what else you would expect with a head-on between an MS and any other conventional (i.e. ICE), similarly sized vehicle. Clearly the Mazda has risen up over the more substantial MS’ chassis which has caused serious damage to the Mazda’s engine to the point of allowing engine oil to leak everywhere. MW