Tesla Model S Simulator – Video


Tesla Model S simulator.

Tesla Model S Simulator Screen Shot.

If you are unable to acquire a Tesla Model S, at least you can check one out and drive it virtually.

A simple download of this crude Tesla Model S simulator and instructions on how to operate can be found here.

You’ll see the simulator in action in the video above.

And in case you’re wondering, this simulator is a work in progress.  It launched in early May, yet several additions/changes have already been made since it went live.


2014-05-03: Uploaded the first version

2014-05-12: Uploaded the second version. An improved Model S model, you can open the trunk and the frunk, and you can sit inside the car

2014-05-18: Added doors and an improved interior

2014-05-20: Added a Supercharger

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Cool, but it would also be awesome if Tesla authorized someone to make Model S and X die-cast scale models…

Yes! I need a Model S or two in my collection. AUTOart would be the ones for the job.

Every purchase could help fund gen III / giggity-factory!

Ohh!!! Here’s an idea: Release different versions of gen III design studies, and the most popular selling scale model would be the one they actually build…

Democratic, and capitalistic. 😉

As a new owner waiting 2 months for delivery, I need a Model S display simulator. I want to practice setting variables and learning where things are. Any help beyond the manual would be appreciated.