Tesla Model S Side Collision Warning / Avoidance In Action – Video


Tesla Model S Side Collision Warning / Avoidance In Action

Tesla Model S Side Collision Warning / Avoidance In Action

In this video, you’ll see a Tesla Model S sound a side collision warning alert as a semi truck drifts into the lane occupied by the Tesla.

It’s likely that the truck driver is close to dozing off after having been on the road for too long.

However, the Model S quickly recognizes the threat posed by the truck and alerts the driver while moving slightly out of harms way.

Video description:

Tesla Model S Side Collision Warning and Side Collision Avoidance.

I was in the left lane of Interstate 40 west bound through New Mexico with Autopilot engaged (TACC + Autosteer), passing an 18-wheeler in the right lane. The 18-wheeler driver apparently got distracted, and began drifting out of his lane to the right. You can hear his tires run over the rumble strips on the right. He overcorrected back into his lane and partly into mine. The Tesla sounded the Side Collision Warning alert, and I believe also did a slight Side Collision Avoidance maneuver by nudging the car to the left side of the left lane. I then sped up (you can hear the speed limit warning chime) to avoid being next to him.

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Looks like semi-trucks need autosteer.

I met a couple ladies from Daimler at a hotel a few weeks back who said that they had that already, and had driven across the Hoover Dam. I remember that limp PR moment. What I don’t remember is Daimler putting it in their trucks. There’s a reason those CDL’s are a bit harder to get. Physics are a lot more complex in a tractor-trailer configuration. I sincerely hope that long haul freight evaporates as transport in the USA because something much, much faster and cheaper shows up.

or autonomous.

From comments on YouTube video.

curt morehouse
Hello, Curt Morehouse of W N Morehouse Truck Line, Inc. here….(The trucking company). Please know I have viewed this video and forwarded it to our safety department for their review. I looked up the driver of that truck pulling that trailer on that day and assure you that he is a good driver with a good driving record. He will be questioned and counseled (if necessary) on this event. We are glad no one was hurt. Also very cool that your car has autopilot that proved to be working well. Thanks for providing the video!

Someone should have called the “How’s my driving?” phone number.

You mean the 1 – 800 – EAT – S… One? 😉

Glad to see the company is responding to this video, hopefully it’s more than lip service. Imagine if everyone in the USA had dash cams like Russia does, would we have safer drivers?

Next time take the stairs:

Hmmm… this video leaves me with some questions… Was the driver of the Tesla paying attention to what that truck did before his car alarmed him?

Just from seeing that video I think I would have increased speed long before to pass this suspect truck as fast as possible, but the driver increased speed after the emergency maneuver…

I hope people do not get too lured into a safety feeling when using Autosteer and all of that. For my taste, the Tesla should have alarmed the driver a bit more early… but maybe this is not doable reliably with the current sensor suite… And also there is this false-alert thing where people tend to ignore alerts when confronted with lots of false alerts. Well, no easy subject, but as I trust in tech I see the semi-truck having lane-keep soon, avoiding all that trouble.

Love this autopilot. one question, does anyone know what the Tesla does if there is no emergency side-lane? Will the Tesla accelerate or brake to get clear of the sleepy driver next to it?

No. At this early stage of development, Autosteer won’t change lanes on its own. We can hope the collision avoidance system would brake the car to avoid collision, though.

The car should horn, if it detects someone from the other lane comes too close.

Just experienced something similar to this on a test drive last Saturday. Only the car also applied the brakes also.

Three lanes of medium traffic, oncoming ramps from above and below. Lots of cars in the same space suddenly. All was fine until some coyote jumps out of their lane coming from the left rear of the Tesla. I had the following distance set somewhat long. The car moved over in its lane and braked firmly but Very smoothly. Allowed room for the threat to pass and then proceeded on. Zero input from me.

I did recognize the potential threat but the car recognized it sooner and took action. I can see where one might overreact in this situation and create another problem with the other traffic. The Tesla can just see and evaluate whole picture, I can not do it that quickly.

It is just uncanny well it works. And this just the Beta???

as someone enjoying the passenger seat with the window cracked a bit on a warm summer day, passing an 18-wheeler whose forward trailer-tire decided to disintegrate and shower our car with treadlets (shouting to my wife, “GO GO GO!!” in case she instinctively would hit the brake pedal), I am hopelessly paranoid now when passing said vehicles and regularly exceed the speed limit to do so as rapidly (not floor it, just faster) as possible. With a million-plus interstate miles(200k by my 21st bday), I have more than my share of ‘did that just happen?’ moments..
In other words, you bet I woulda’ been all over the accelerator when I heard the rub strip moment, hehe.