Tesla Model S Sets Out on Longest Journey Ever – 12,000 Miles in 18 Days



Picture brought to you buy Norman Hajjar’s Flickr Profile.


Norman Hajjar. Recargo’s research director.

Recargo’s research director Norman Hajjar hopes to make a point about electric vehicles and to show their potential by setting a record 12,000 mile road trip in a Tesla Model S and spending 30 minutes or less at each stop to recharge.

This is known as “The Epic Electric American Roadtrip.”

Electric vehicles have many stereotypes. One being that many think a 100% electric vehicle is not road trip worthy and takes hours to charge.

Hajjar hopes to break past those barriers by showing others it is possible for a 100% electric vehicle to be road-trip worthy and that they have lots of potential and many capabilities without needing a drop of gas or oil changes.

As you likely already know, the Model S has an average range of more than 250 miles on a single charge and can charge at Tesla’s Supercharging stations in as little as 30 minutes.

The trip is estimated to take 18 days to complete. Many variables come into play with trips of this sort, including traffic, weather and even media interviews.

This road trip is sponsored by Recargo, PlugShare, & PlugInsights.

A live feed of this road trip can be viewed here. Along with a live Twitter feed.


Another Picture from Hajjar’s Flickr Profile.

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good publicity for EVs

See how things change. Just a few years ago the New York Times reported that their reporter could not make it from Boston to New York.

Sounds like a fun trip!!! I wanna go… 🙁

Poor Tessie has to work nonstop, charge, drive, charge, drive… Maybe Momma Tesla may want to get Tessie back after the trip for an extended vacation and to check her out.

Whatever happened to Elon Musk’s family X-country journey? I’d supposed it would be a big media and Twitterfest. It seems to have fizzled out.

Did they make it all the way?

Maybe Elon couldn’t put his iPhone down, and the wife hopped a plane?

Seems like when they got snowed in at Mount Rushmore on March 31st, that was the last mention of it… *shrugs*

That picture says, “The longest journey ever made by an electric vehicle.” That is just wrong.



There’s also a solar plane that went around the world.

Soon. But not yet. 🙂


Need more information.

What does “charging time” mean in this content? There’s time spent waiting for the car to charge and then there’s time the car is charging while you’re doing something else.