Tesla Model S Sets European EV Record at 388 Miles on Single Charge (w/video)

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625.5 Km!!!

625.5 Km!!!

“4 students from the Technical University Eindhoven Sponsored by Athlon Car Lease achieved a 625 km/388 miles new European Real Long Distance European record on Wednesday August 21st.  It’s called a world record “real long distance driving” with the Tesla Models S because they drove with 2 people on normal roads with normal speeds.”

So, there it is.  The European distance record for the Tesla Model S now sits at 388 miles.

As for that “real long distance driving” disclaimer, that’s in reference to the fact that this record-setting Model S was driven at an average speed of 24 mph on normal city roads.

The record for the Model S still stands at 423 miles, but that was done here in the US and the average speed for that run was only 18 mph (not exactly a realistic figure for driving on normal roads).

European Model S record: 388 miles @ 24 mph average

US Model S Record: 423 miles @ 18 mph average

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3 responses to "Tesla Model S Sets European EV Record at 388 Miles on Single Charge (w/video)"

  1. James says:

    Please revise your annotations to better illustrate:

    European record @ 28mph AVERAGE

    American record @ 18mph AVERAGE

    – to be more accurate.


  2. Foo says:

    What’s the interviewer doing wearing striped gray pajamas to work?

    1. Surya says:

      Oh, it’s the Netherlands, they have their own sense of style 🙂