Tesla Model S At San Francisco Pride Parade 2015 – Videos


Rainbow Tesla Model S In San Francisco

Rainbow Tesla Model S In San Francisco

This past weekend, the 45th Annual San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade took place on the streets of San Francisco.

Tesla Motors was among the parade’s participants.

The automaker supplied some rainbow Tesla Model S EVs for the event.

This is not Tesla’s first time at the parade. The video below shows the Model S that attended the same parade in 2014.

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I hope those are just wraps that they can pull off.

Fabulous! 🙂

I am sorry but failed attempts to move rhythmically just reiterate that you have none.

No fumes, good for the bystanders.

so far I’ve liked tesla 100% for everything they did (environment, less need for wars-indirectly, anti-dealers, free SCs, overall attitude, etc).
I would have bought a car from them asap even if it would’ve been the most expensive car I’ve owned just to support them.
NOT anymore.

Of course I cannot elaborate, free speech would soon be considered “hate crime” it is not “politically correct”. Common sense has to go to the catacombs so the merry can be merrier.

“Brave new world” was a pleasant happy-ending fairy tale.

You are free to think and say whatever you want. No one is taking that away from you. And anyone else is free to ridicule you or shun you for whatever you say. As long as neither side is inciting violence, it’s not a “hate crime”.

Cry me a river.

Hopefully San Francisco “gay pride” doesn’t involve spitting on priests:


If their roles were reversed, that act would certainly be labelled “hate”.

This shows a fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives.

Conservatives celebrate our military for serving our country.

Liberals celebrate gay activists for servicing each other.

We’ve started an ISEVs petition to have you review your nickname, and change it to something more… accurate.

Please sign here, acknowledging the request:


I wondered for a long time why he chose this nickname. It almost never fit with his comments.
I may add that Most soldiers serve the big oil companies wHo make us pay for their private wars.

You might also want to begin boycotting General Motors, Ford, FCA, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Volvo, BMW, VW/Audi Group, and Mercedes-Benz in your next choice of vehicle, as all these companies have active programs in support of their LGBT customers and employees.

Maybe you could drive an oxcart or something; I think the Amish still build some.

And now they support love. Could it be any better? I think not.

Love is a wonderful thing, you should try it… and maybe let it replace some of the hate.

Why is being gay better than being straight?

Why is the former celebrated with pride parades, while the latter is just quietly ignored?

Why is any failure to celebrate branded as “hate”. Does that really make sense to you?

I think people should be celebrated for their accomplishments. Being gay is not an accomplishment.

This is all easy to explain once you realize that the secret hidden driver behind all this celebration is not pride. It’s politics.

Like any group that must overcome obstacles from something we have no choice over, we celebrate our accomplishments. We celebrate no longer being massacred in bars. We celebrate no longer being shot with water cannons (in most places). We celebrate no longer being relegated to “friend” status amongst those we devote our lives to. We celebrate having access to equal healthcare and partner benefits. We celebrate the confidence that we can no longer be fired from our jobs for no other reason than being gay (in many states now), we celebrate being able to enjoy married tax benefits. We celebrate no longer being called nasty names in public. We celebrate fewer of us being beaten into a bloody corpse for the crime of walking down the street. I would wager that the bulk of straight people have never had to overcome those things. I’m guessing most never even had to consider that they couldn’t sit by their spouse while they died alone in a hospital room. You’ve probably never been fired for being straight. You’ve probably been able to give your wife a quick kiss in a restaurant without having a drink thrown at you. You’ve probably never had a… Read more »

Well done Andrew 🙂

BUT being gay is not a normal condition in a healthy society. Over population induce more homosexuals, it’s nature… Instinctive behavior. See the old documentary Ratopolis…

I have nothing against gay people, many friends are, but I find they tAke too much public space nowadays. Maybe it’s the return of things…

Andrew, it sounds like you’re describing Iran, not the USA. Such horrible things are not common where I live. In fact, now it seems like gay people get treated like rock stars. They get congratulatory calls from President Obama. LGBT people get all kinds of positive media attention. Sometimes they even win awards they don’t deserve:


I like gay people just fine, but overbearing whiny activists tend to get on my nerves.


That’s cool of them!

There didn’t seem to be much of an audience at this years parade. Maybe they should declare victory and go home.

They did exactly that, last Friday, with the Supreme Court ruling mandating that all 50 States must grant and recognize gay marriage.

Perhaps you didn’t notice, but certainly the gays did!

The Supreme Court is just a group of men and perhaps women who are no less fallible than the rest of us.

Making something legal in all 50 states does not make it right. Is it right to kill our unborn children? Sin is still sin, as God does not “change with the times.” You of course, have the right to a differing opinion. You can legally kill your unborn if you choose and you can legally marry someone of the same sex now. Let’s all celebrate what our country has accomplished with a pride parade. Just don’t expect me to attend.

Supreme court is supreme court of one country but no other’s
God? o.k. with me but wich one?
There’s just about as many god that there is many culture.
Except when you live a fantasy of your own you might just have acces to one.
Just about every war soldier of opposing side claim that god is on their side.
I wish doubt would lead them to at least trying to solve that problem in peace.
As for gaypride, I just don’t get it either apart that it’s very trendy to pretend that you’r all with it but in fact it’s ain’t big deal for million years and much more. It’s marginal and it’s a lot of fuss for nothing special.
I’m pride of many accomplishment I’ve been able to do, I’m not just going dancins half nude with feather’s clothe to show it.
I guess I can’t understand it.
Let’s say like so many others.
And yes many people have been beat badly expressing divergent opinion, not necesserly sex oriented and nevertheless worthy.

Only my two cents.

It’s bad business for Tesla, or Disney or any other business to get involved with something controversial. Why don’t they just stay neutral. This may excite the gay community but it definitely turns off the conservatives. People will support their products on their merits if they just stay out of things like this. There are conservatives like myself and open minded that love ev’s. This does not make me happy. Not to start a fight but I don’t believe people are born gay at all no more than they are born a murderer, drug addict, liberal, conservative and so on. These are all things we choose or in some cases are helped along by our parents, society, things we are exposed to growing up, peer pressure and so on. We probably will soon be hearing from the serial killer types that they can’t help it, its not their fault, we were born that way. You can say that about anything, it’s just too easy to blame and very much a cop-out.

Yes, many people are born gay. It happens in the foetus when hormones are badly distributed Because of some stressful situation for the pregnant mother. We may end up with a male brain in a female body, or the contrary, and all the variants… There is approximately 1 out of 6 men and 1 out of 10 women that are born gay.
As one of our famous gay said: we do not choose to be hated and ostracised just for fun…

But every single one of us have certain degree of both male and female mentality. We find our singularity within us and have to live our life as we are.

And yes, some criminals can’t help it. This does’nt mean we have to tolerate them.

Maybe being bad for business doesn’t take away the responsability of doing what is right. And in the case of Tesla they have been very clear that they stand up for what is right, for improving man kind and make the world a better place.
It might upset some, just like science, global warming, environmental care, helping thirld world countries get electricity and multiplanetary life might upset others (or the same people) but that is no reason for any caring company to step down and walk away.

“I’m a conservative and I don’t believe…” is not a statement anyone should be adjusting anything by. Try to stop making things up (“believing”) and pick up a scientific report or a medical journal or whatever once in a while.
Science, fact, love and understanding are not your enemy.

You clearly need to be better informed as your examples to support your arguments are not at all accurate. For example, drug addicted born infants occur daily as a result of maternal addiction. If you’re going to try to refute a position you should first find accurate statements to justify your position.

It’s just a wrap on a car at a parade calm down fox and msnbc its ok

Hey mhamilton I have always found that men (I’m guessing you’re male) who say that gay is a choice are the closeted gays who have “chosen” to live a straight life. (I mean you) Because they can go either way and satisfy sexual needs. So they think everyone has the same choice, many people are just created straight or gay and have no choice. You had a choice!
Go Tesla!