Tesla Model S Sales Spike In Denmark In November

DEC 30 2015 BY MARK KANE 8

Tesla Model S Indoor Car Cover

Tesla Model S Indoor Car Cover

As we had alluded to in last month’s sales recap of Tesla Model S sales in the US, November brought a  Tesla sales surge in Denmark.

In total, the 525 Model S registrations accounts for most of the plug-in car sales in for country during the month, and also gives Tesla the #4 position overall for all cars registered in November, regardless of drivetrain.

Tesla holds approximately half (1,487) of the total electric car sales so far this year in Denmark (estimated by EV Sales Blog at 3,106).

As you might remember, Tesla was accused of tax circumvention in Denmark because it registered 2,500 plates. If demand stays high (at least in some months), Tesla shouldn’t have a problem selling 2,500 within one year of registering those plates.

In 2014, Model S sales were 460, while 2013 saw only 112 sold.

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they are up from 460 last year to 3000 so far this year? pretty decent

That will annoy Dan Frederiksen.

Unless Tesla introduces a fibre glass version for Denmark.

Or bicycle-tires

Now OPEC along with every Oil Company is going to cry bloody murder that oil demand is failing and the oil glut is growing.

Oil demand is not falling. In fact, lower oil price leads to higher consumption.

The rise in oil usage comes from more countries industrializing, overall consumption in many countries is dropping due to higher efficiency cars. Even among gas cars, mpg is improving. The average mpg has gone up pretty much about 1 mpg per year the last few years.

Price Will increase next year on Tesla Model S in DK, This i why sales are so high, normal Tesla model S sales is 120 cars a month.