Tesla Model S Sales Shoot Past 25,000 Worldwide

Tesla Model S


It’s come to our attention that global Tesla Model S sales have surpassed the 25,000-unit milestone.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

For Tesla, that figure is worthy of celebration, so we hope the automaker puts out some material marking this achievement so that the world knows that Tesla has done what some believed to be impossible just a few years back.

Using our sales figures, we can say that global Model S sales are above 25,000.  Here’s that breakdown:

~17,650 Model S sold in US in 2013

~2,650  Model S sold in US in 2012

1,194 Model S sold in the Netherlands in 2013

1,983 Model S sold in Norway in 2013

~610 Model S sold in Canada in 2013

+ ~1,000 additional Model S sold in rest of Europe


We believe that figure is slightly conservative, which means it’s on the low side and there could actually be upwards of 26,000 Model S sedans on roads around the globe, especially given we are a week and a  half into 2014 now as well.  In this case, the specific number doesn’t really matters, as there are at least 25,000 electric Tesla sedans in circulation as of right now.

So, congrats to Tesla for achieving that milestone.


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Hi there,

Yeah, and +35.000 this year.
End of 2014 no doubt 60.000 model S must be on the road!!!!!!
And Asia still waiting and waiting… at least 100.000 model S!!!
The US factory must run on 24/7!!! Netherlands assembly plant too!! And ASAP a assembly plant in China……
Come on Tesla!!!

Good road with Tesla.


Hi there,

Waouwwww, I’m lost !!!!
Supercharger go so quikly!!!!!!!
4 in one day!!!!!!!!!!!
Gallup (NM), Farmington (NM), Flagstaff (AZ), Grand junction (CO)?????? I’m not sure!!!!

Sorry, that’s too fast!! Superbe good news!!!!!!!!!!!
Come on supercharger!!!!! 😉

Good road with Tesla!!!!!!!!!!

means Teslsa sold 6887 model S in Q4.

I think 6887 is high, since Tesla is still production constrained ( weekly production 550-600).


Update: Tesla just reported 6,900 Model S sales for Q4 (that story here) at the 2014 NAIAS. Surprising analysts…but not us, (=

6887 is spot on, good job guys!

Thanks Dave

…the worst part of doing the sales reports at the end of each month isn’t running down the numbers (or the automakers that don’t actually report the numbers), its trying to get a handle on Model S globally and in the US.

I agree that is likely the case.

Over $1.75 Billion dollars in sales. Not bad for a startup company!!!

Go Tesla!

by the way, where did you get the Canada number? I thought the US number includes Canada.

“(*) Model S sales estimates are given representative of North American sales, which include Canada.”

Canada gives registration figures on a quarterly basis. Those aren’t estimates until we hit Q4, which we don’t have registration figures for yet.

How do you get a solid number for the USA without direct Tesla HQ confirmation? Europe is trustable but I have doubts on domestic numbers. 6300 overall maybe but until we get to ER, just remember the claims of 7000 for Q3 were well overblown. Is this just a rounding error carryover from Q3?

You also don’t give consideration to in transit units, in Eu final assembly, loaner stock, etc. they may be out there but this article implies they are sold and paid for,

Nobody from Tesla claimed 7k units for Q3. After crushing Q1 and Q2 estimates, the financial community got carried away with themselves. Tesla produced slightly more than exactly what they said they would for Q3.

It is true that there is a lag, as well. If previous quarters are any indiciation, the exports overseas have been manufactured but are in transit and won’t appear until Q1 sales numbers.

And, naturally, the loaners won’t make sales numbers, either.

I think it will all soon reach a steady-state so that it won’t make a meaningful statistical difference…meaning, loaners are sold and new ones made on a regular basis, and the exports will be made in one quarter and sold in the next while the next batch are being made and then sold the following quarter, etc., so it all washes out.

That is amazingly impressive for a brand new car from a very new car company. Especially when it costs so much money. I hope they can work their way down the food chain though.

25000 minus 2650 equals = 22350 sales.
that’s 1350 more than expected. 6.4% increase. Confirm this?

Note that Nissan is about to pass 100,000 LEAF sales in the next month or so. Roughly 65,000 LEAFs will be sold this year, bringing the total to around 160,000 by the end of the year.

The EV “Genie” is out of the bottle now!

Can’t Crush This!!!! *dances*

I seem to recall a car with a vin over 27000 a couple of weeks back so the number could be closer to 30000.
That’s a fairly impressive number. Small compared to the car pool of the world but quite a responsibility to put out that many cars that have to work for 10-20 years with people’s lives at stake.

And the cruel irony is that they can’t just sit back and rest for a while and enjoy that many cars because it’s a money burning machine that has to be fed with ever greater production numbers 🙂

VIN’s have surpassed the 30K number, but for various reasons there are fewer vehicles than VIN’s would suggest.

Fewer sales, you mean? Like loaners produced? Exports en-route to markets?

1000 for the rest of Europe is most probably too high.

In Germany were registered Jan-Nov: 105 + 49 (85 kWh and 60 kWh) = 154
and very very few in december, as most deliveries were pushed back to 2014.

I would expect in 2013 a maximum of 500 cars in Europe, except Netherlands/Norway.
By far most cars for Central Europe were delivered in The Netherlands, cause most of the tax incentives ended 12/31/2013 and Tesla had to promise delivery before that date.