Tesla Model S Sales Set New Quarterly Record In China


Tesla Model S Sales Set New Quaterly Record In China

Tesla Model S Sales Set New Quarterly Record In China (US estimated, Worldwide via quarterly reports)

Spotted: A Tesla Model S In China

Spotted: A Tesla Model S In China

Tesla Motors is steadily improving its sales in China. In fact, the electric automaker reached a record high sales mark in the third quarter when 1,345 Model S were sold.

Together with 797 and 883 in the first and second quarter respectively, Tesla delivered 3,025 cars in China so far this year.

We compiled official Tesla sales data with our estimations for the U.S. to see how the situation looks overall.

According to a recent Bloomberg article, Elon Musk said in an interview that in five to six years China could match the U.S.

It’s likely that Tesla is on raise thanks to including the Model S in a special free plate lottery.

“China accounted for about 11 percent of Tesla’s global deliveries in the third quarter. The company won approval last month from the Beijing municipal government to enter a special license plate lottery system for electric vehicles.”

After the market closes November 3rd, Tesla will report quarterly earnings.  We will update any new information on China here – as well as have a live blog report from the report (~4:30 ET) and subsequent conference call (5:30 ET) at that time.

Source: Bloomberg

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Parts of China needs all the help they can get to reduce smog.



If you bother to look at Q3 2014 Report, you will realize Tesla had ca. 201 Mio in Revenues in China, which even at 30% Markup (in reality Tesla didnt add the taxes paid by end customer to revenue, see GAAP rules)
So Tesla must have sold ca. 1500-1700 cars in Q3 2014 in China, in any case more then in Q3 2015.

You get 201 Mio if you deduct 141,4 Mio from Q2 total number of 342,8 Mio in Q3.

You can find the data on page 20 in both reports.

Shorts take it in the proverbial shorts as Tesla skyrockets $15.70 or around 8% after better than expected results.


My guess is that Tesla’s sales in China are still less than initially expected, but steady growth in sales is good.