Tesla Model S Sales Asia – Over 5,000 In China, 2,000 In Japan


The Tesla Model S On Display In Japan

The Tesla Model S On Display In Japan

Buried in an article on Tesla’s potential move into India, we discover some critical sales figures for the Model S in both China and Japan.

“We have identified India is one of the potential markets in Asia to have a local assembly plant, but we need a definite policy from the government to support electric vehicles in the future,” he said. Tesla plans to start a dialogue with the Indian government to rationalise import duty on electric cars and also develop a separate category for such vehicles. Tesla is currently selling Model S in only two counties in Asia. It sold over 5,000 cars in China and around 2,000 cars in Japan. India being the third largest automotive market in Asia is a natural destination in the future, company executives said.

The 5,000 units sold in China somewhat jives with figures we’ve presented in the past, provided we assume that “sold” here actually means “ordered,” but not necessarily delivered yet.

The Japan figure of ~ 2,000 Model S sold is new to us though.  Japan’s sales figures are notoriously difficult to gather, so we can’t vouch for the accuracy of this figure.  If true (we believe 2,000 to be higher than the actual figure), then we’d have to say that sales of the Model S in Japan are strong too.

It’s due to strong sales in both China and Japan that Tesla is looking to move into India, once policies (and charging infrastructure) are in place that strongly promote electric vehicles

Source: Economic Times

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Based on http://www.jaia-jp.org/j/stat/nc/ that is not true. Even if Tesla took all of the “other” sales, there would only be ~100 imported since they started selling in Japan. On a side note, this website originally broke Tesla out for September, but now lumps them in other… not sure why.

Prad Bit

Would be nice to have a translation..


Unfortunately http://www.google.com/translate is the best I got.

Prad Bit

And what if Tesla is not part of this network?


I’m thinking the 2000 number for Japan is a typo… 200 is more like it.


2000 is possible as well as 5000 in China. As an industrial high-tech country, Japan has a lot of people with deep green pockets, and they also use Internet you know…
Three super chargers, thousands of level fast chargers and of course home recharge most of the time.


Would 2000 Telsas set the record for the most US manufactured cars ever sold in Japan 🙂


Logorithmic scale? I can’t believe more than 200 would have been sold in Japan. Given the talk on TMC’s forum for Japan and people like Hiroshi talking about the activities there. Also, only 2 if not 3 superchargers in the country…


Would 200 Telsas set the record for the most US manufactured cars ever sold in Japan 🙂


In one year, perhaps, but it’s close 🙂

See Through

Every para from the one month old conf. call is translating to one new rosy article about Tesla.
Now, even lines from other unproven rosy articles are translating to new Tesla articles.

“Buried in an article..” – What article? Where is the link for the source? How reliable is that source?
Tesla itself targeted 5000 in China by 2014 end. How does it say 5000 are already sold? Sold to whom? Resellers mostly.

See Through

OK, sorry. I see the link at the bottom now.

Jay Cole

I’m a patient guy, but…

/just saying


Don’t spank the trolls

Get Real

Well See Through, I bet it’s alot more reliable then the anti-Tesla FUD you keep feebly trying to push!

Alberto Zaragoza Comendador

Was about to post the Japan import link but got beaten.

As Jason said, these numbers are ludicrous. The entire Other category sells 30-40 cars a month and it was already 5-10 before Tesla arrived, so in September-November Tesla’s sales probably totalled less than 100.

Between an Indian newspaper and Japan’s auto importer association, I’d take the latter, thank you very much.

PS: Tesla has somehow managed to NOT report its sales in Hong Kong, so even the official figures there don’t include the Model S. They’re really trying their best to keep sales numbers hidden.

See Through



Come on Elon Musk talk to Modi directly. I am sure he can make things easy. Already GM, Ford, Suzuki, Hyundai are manufacturing here and exporting to other countries.
P.S: I would love to be first customer of Model 3 in India.