Tesla Model S Road Trips Fully Charged – Video

AUG 16 2014 BY MARK KANE 8

London Regency Hyatt Supercharger

London Regency Hyatt Supercharger

Robert Llewellyn recently spent some time driving a Tesla Model S in UK.

Interesting is his discussion of journeys, including considerations on free Supercharging. Is this a sustainable business model to use energy without limit for free?

Here’s the Fully Charged video of Llewellyn’s Model S road trips.

“A couple of long road trips I’ve done in the Tesla Model S this year. One to Cornwall and the Eden Project, one to Edinburgh and the Fringe Festival.”

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Robert mentions that the Model S is too large for him, and I think I feel the same way. A very nice car for those who want something that large, though.

“for those that want something that large, though”. I.e. Every American.

Yeah. I really don’t need or want something that big. As of yet nothing has come out in a ev coupe that entices me. Maybe the Chevy Bolt.

Is it named after a Dog that thinks it has superpowers, but really doesn’t? 😉

His message at the end about switching to a smaller, renewable based energy company in the UK, is the single best take-away from the video. Great episode. 🙂

Yes, I agree. Am investigating now…

He doesn’t understand charge tapering and how the SuperChargers work. He attributed the varying volts and amps shown on the screen to “grid fluctuations”. One more minor detail is that the “mi/hr” charge rate shown on the Model S screen is the total session average rate, not the instantaneous rate – so it gradually goes down as the battery gets closer to full.

How soon before some magical method of powering a horseless cart is invented in Discworld?