Tesla Model S Road Trip – Video


Old tech vs. New tech!

Old tech vs. New tech!

Steve Fowler from Auto Express takes a fully optioned Tesla Model S P85+ on a road trip from LA to Phoenix.

Per Auto Express:

The Tesla Model S is one of the hottest cars of the moment, not least in California. They’re all over the place there – but how usable is the car in real-world situations, especially long-distance trips?

Auto Express’ editor-in-chief Steve Fowler wanted to find out, by taking a Model S from Los Angeles to Phoenix, Arizona to see how well the car copes away from the city (the usual habitat of the electric car).

The trip made use of the Tesla Supercharger network, as well as a US equivalent of the Tesla owners’ power-sharing network we reported on in October.

Watch the full video blog to see how the Tesla Model S fares on the 300-mile road trip.

There’s something about electric road trips that intrigue us.  We’re not quite sure what it is, but these electric trips just seem so much more exciting than stories of ICE cars venturing out on the opens roads.

Be warned, there is a very loud and startling static noise between the transitions in the video clip.

Have you ever completed a LA to Phoenix road trip (or one of comparable length) in your Model S? How did it go?

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Tesla Fan

Considering the Lamborghini was probably at 60 when it grabbed third (7800rpm), things were over for it the whole time. Things get much less legal, after that point anyway.

This doesn’t look like much of an adventure to me. Only one minor glitch? While it was great they made their point about the Blink system too bad they couldn’t have found one that did work. That way they could enjoy just how little power they put out and how much longer it takes to charge.And how that affects your trip. Welcome to the world the rest of us live in.If you want real adventure when traveling with an EV try something that doesn’t have 300 mile range and a supercharger network. Show the time spent on Plugshare trying to plot out a route. Mention about hoping that the Nissan dealer will allow you to charge even though you don’t own a Nissan, and they are the only option around. And then show looking on RV Parky looking for campgrounds to charge at in order to fill the gaps from Plugshare. And hoping the campgrounds won’t charge you for a full day even though you just need an hour or two of charging. Mention about how to kill time when you are charging for a long time, even when you have no cell service. Or the charging station is in… Read more »

“but these electric trips just seem so much more exciting than stories of ICE cars venturing out on the opens roads.”

Doesn’t this sums up the problem or limitation that BEVs still face today?

People don’t make a deal out of long distance travel in ICE cars but still write big article about how a BEV made a special (ordinary trip for ICE) trip between xx city and yy city…

As long as we are still making a big deal about it, it shows how “limited” BEV still is (due to infrastructure and the car).

Bill Landwehr

Modern Marvel Fan,
I would say it shows that Tesla can run with the “big dogs”. Superchargers are what separates Tesla from all of the other EV wannabes.


Was that his man-purse in the trunk?


Why is this 300 mile trip a big deal? We do a 650+ mile round trip to my Mom’s house in our Model S every 2-3 months. 1 supercharger stop and the HPWC I installed in her garage. Easy and routine.