Tesla Model S Right Hand Drive – Video


RHD Tesla Model S

RHD Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors has releases a trailer video of the right hand drive version of the Tesla Model S, which went on sale in the UK in early June:

“See Model S rip through the English landscape as the first right-hand drive cars come to the UK.”

Perhaps instead of rip Tesla Motors could have used the word glide, as in electric glide?

Right hand drive Model S sedans will soon be delivered in Australia (but no more than 600 units per year), followed by Hong Kong and Japan.

For the Model S, the UK was the first market to receive right hand drive versions of the highly sought after electric vehicle.

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“Electric glide” is probably too sedate (or should I say “boring”) to reflect the true potential and nature of a Tesla. In light of the recent accident in L.A., however, the term “rip” comes as a bad pun indeed…

Right hand version also available in Sri lanka

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