First Tesla Model S Review From Dubai – Video

Tesla Model S


A refreshing new review of the Tesla Model S, by Motoring (Middle East edition).

We get our first Tesla Model S review from the UAE (Dubai), in this in-depth feature of the Model S 90D. Of which for the 90D, Tesla stopped taking orders for on June 9th, following the decision to also remove the base 60 kWh Model S sedans from its order system on April 17th) – apparently those models are still promoted by the company in Dubai as they work down inventory.

Anyway, it’s nice to get a fresh set of eyes on a car that is not-so-new to most of us, and from a unique prospective. Overall, Motoring sees the Model S to be very “geeky, nerdy, and concepty” in terms of its interior features. In other words, it feels like a “beta” car. However, driving dynamics are incredibly impressive.

Tesla Model S

Controlling everything in the Tesla Model S via the large touch screen, with confusing menus, and no physical buttons, takes some getting used to (and you may not want to attempt it while driving).

It’s funny that the review is sponsored by AC Delco, and more specifically … oil filters … but we digress. Let’s see what the publication found:


  • Comfortable, supportive driver’s seat with maximum adjustability
  • Driving it is like being in the “world’s fastest golf cart”
  • Very little body roll
  • Outstanding handling for a larger car
  • Steering is precise
  • Corners flat with almost no body roll
  • Incredible air suspension (like a Rolls Royce)


  • Styling is not outwardly adventurous
  • Rear seats lack head room
  • AC vents are small
  • Interior features “what you need,” but it’s not that upscale
  • Interior looks “pretty,” but lacks function
  • Very little interior small item storage
  • Hidden cup holders are hard to reach and easy to bump elbows
  • Steering wheel is clean and feels nice, but function would be welcome
  • Heated steering wheel, heated seats … In Dubai they hope for cooled
  • Touch screen can be complicated, not intuitive, hard to deal with while driving
  • No physical buttons anywhere
  • Everything is LCD and very distracting
  • No overhead 360 camera

The Tesla Model S is a driver’s car in terms of seating, comfort, and drivability. The experience is unlike anything else on the road today. However, competing models in the luxury segment do a better job with interiors and feature functionality.

Video Description via MotoringMiddleEast on YouTube:

We finally get our hands on the all-electric Tesla for a test. This is a Model S 90D, and both the Model S and Model X are now on sale officially in the UAE. Watch our comprehensive review hosted by Imthishan Giado.

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Is this an EV review? Did he use the map or do more than drive it around a parking lot?

Someone give this guy a Rolls-Royce! That level of luxury, seems be his ideal car in Dubai, where even government workers are bored by them.

Man you convinced me to buy an AC DELCO oil filter.

I suppose AC DELCO will never make Li Ion batteries and will always make lead acid batteries and OIL filters.

Surely, tales of Sheik Abdul’s Tesla sedan womping Prince Khalid’s Lamborghini in a street race will insure many Model S and X will find their way into U.A.E. garages.

OK, so he did not mention the volume and audio select buttons on the steering wheel, as well as the fan select on the steering wheel.

Another big omission was the voice controls for music or navigation.

I keep my screen on navigation 100%, I want to know about traffic ahead of me, so compare that distraction with trying to keep up with Waze on a smartphone.

Also set your Tesla browser to, it pulls from the waze app data to show traffic, red light/speed cameras, police, construction, etc.

And I completely agree with your comments about the steering wheel and voice recognition (e.g. “Play Fix You by Coldplay” or “Navigate to Walgreens”) to easily search without using the screen. So many ignorant reviewers don’t bother learning the features of the car they are reviewing.