Tesla Model S Reservation Deposit Lowered To $2,500

JUL 2 2013 BY JAY COLE 12

Tesla Has Recently Lowered Model S Reservation Amount 50%

Tesla Has Recently Lowered Model S Reservation Amount 50%

While this is not “breaking news,” a recent conversation amongst the staff about the reservation structure of Tesla Model S led us to notice that we (along with most every other media outlet) had failed to cover this topic since change was implemented about a month ago.

So, we are going to put that right now…after-all, there could still be some people on the fence about whether or not to order a shiny new Tesla; this might push them over.

The Tesla Model S reservations, that at one time were $5,000, have been reduced to $2,500.

When speculating on the reasoning behind the decision to halve the deposit, we arrived at one of 3 most logical reasons:

  • Tesla saves between $35 and $70 in merchant fees on credit card purchases (the bulk of how reservations are made)
  • Many online transaction can be tedious/difficult to get approved/processed at $5,000
  • Tesla wants to remove a barrier to ownerships/thinks this will help sell more cars.

Regardless of the reason, $2,500 is the new magic amount to reserve yourself a new Model S.

Interestingly, $5,000 is still required to lock yourself into a Model X purchase (and $40,000 for a Model X Signature).  No formal announcement, or reason behind the change, has been provided by Tesla.

(hat tip to Josh for reminding us that we are supposed to report all EV news)

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George Bower

I was thinking about a 60 kw version.
Has anyone looked at super charger separation distances and determined if they will work on the 60??

Josh Bryant

The final layout of Superchargers should allow for distance travel with the 60 as long as you are willing to accept more charging time. You will probably have to top off when an 85 could charge to 70%, which drastically reduces charge rate. Spacing is targeted for 100-150 miles. Be careful to check your region though.

Tesla is also falling behind in its promise to triple by the end of June. No Texas Supercharger arrived in June. One owner on the forums was told by a Tesla rep that it would be August before the Austin – Dallas site goes online.

Like many issues with Tesla, they are likely to follow through and meet their promises, but add a fudge factor on the timeframe.

Dave R

If I could uprate your comment I would – nicely stated and informative!

Josh Bryant

Thanks Dave.

George Bower

I have not been able to find out WHERE in Phx the charger will be.

Josh Bryant

Remember the SuperCharger will not be in Phx, it will be between Phx and the next city you are driving too. Do not factor the free SuperCharging in for your monthly electricity usage, just for road trips. It looks like you should have routes from Phx to LA and San Diego in the next 6 – 8 months.

You can check the Tesla SuperCharging page, http://www.teslamotors.com/supercharger, for the planned buildout of SuperChargers. The locations/routes stated through the end of 2013 will likely happen in this next phase. Musk already stated the buildout proposed in 2014 and 2015 may change based on the where sales are the strongest.

George Bower

that makes sense when I look at the map as the dot is west of PHx

Tyl Young

Think Buckeye AZ… maybe Tonopah AZ. … but my guess is on Buckeye.. there are many places to shop and eat at US 10 and S Watson Rd Buckeye AZ.

Anthony Fiti

Tesla announced this during their quarterly earnings call I think. They redid their reservation system entirely to transition from a pre-order or reservation type system to more of a purchase system since there isn’t the tremendous backlog anymore.

David Murray

I wonder if Tesla will ever build cars like a traditional manufacturer, where you have some available at stores/dealers (or whatever Tesla will call them) for immediate purchase should somebody decide they want one TODAY!


Well, they do actually have some immediately for sale at Service Centers (which are now the primary delivery locations). Sometimes the delivery falls through and customers with a loaner (which are P85s) have the ability to pay to upgrade.

Elon Musk has said they’ll consider dealerships if they get to a volume model with the Gen 3, but otherwise no. People focus on the direct sales model but not enough recognition is given to the fact that Tesla has separated the pre-sales, sales and delivery/servicing into separate components that minimize the cost of each.


I’ve had my 40/60 Model S for just over a month now. For those looking at the Model S and calculating what range will work for them, the EPA ratings are pretty accurate for highway travel at 65mph and mild HVAC load. Don’t forget battery degradation over time and cold temps.