Tesla Model S Rendered As 2-Door Roadster: Should Tesla Make It?


How about a two-door convertible Tesla Model S P100D?

While not available as manufactured by Tesla, and not outwardly offered yet by any previous conversion company that we’re aware off, we have here the preliminary stage of what could be something truly awesome: aΒ Tesla Model S two-door convertible roadster. To top it off, perhaps Tesla will take notice and offer a production Model S P100D two-door and/or drop-top roadster in the future.

We can only imagine that the type of people that are financially capable of purchasing a car like the Tesla Model P100D might consider a convertible to be something that has big time purchase appeal. The fact of the matter is that those splurging on a $100k electric car likely owned a European luxury sports sedan in the past (or still have one in their driveway). Many German luxury cars come with the option of a convertible top, and two-door roadsters are surely a sought-after offering in that space.

Tesla hasn’t really so much as mentioned this as an option since the early days, when its first product — the original Tesla Roadster — arrived. Well, since then, plenty of aftermarket and conversion companies have come up with crazy plans for vehicles like a Tesla convertible or Tesla wagon (shooting brake). However, this is the first we’ve heard about a two-door convertible roadster that might actually become available at some point. Being that the upcoming Tesla Roadster 3.0 is far enough off, this seems like a novel concept.

Italian coach builder Ares has decided the time has come to show off its new concept. Ares is well-known in the space for its incredible transformations, including the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, which was adapted into a tribute to the earlier 412. Ares will cut the top of the Model S, remove the rear doors, extend the front doors, and create something that’s never been seen before. How will it impact the performance specs of the Model S? Does it really matter?

Leave us your opinions and insight in the comments section below.

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*The lead image is of a previous Tesla Model S convertible render since we don’t have access to Ares’ official photos aside from its Facebook share.

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38 Comments on "Tesla Model S Rendered As 2-Door Roadster: Should Tesla Make It?"

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Would just be confusing with the upcoming Roadster 2.

Nonsense. There’s no comparison. This would take us back to the days of true 4-seater, spacious, graceful, truly fast convertibles…just like the old Jaguar slogan … Grace, Spec, Pace. It would be like.no.other.

Agree, but it’s grace, space, and pace!

I doubt if that will happen, mainly because I doubt if they will reuse the S/X platform. For the next few cars, it’s the 3 platform that will be used. After that, they may increase the frame size for something new.
But I’d really suspect that asking for a convertible 3 is a lot closer to what you could get.

Maybe it’s a 3 whose glass panels just retract into the trunk.

How about the side fender camera’s?

Wrong question! Enjoy the view, air and just drive along

I can’t wait for the Model S coupe. It would be sweet.

No. The Model S is far too long to make an appealing coupe. The Model 3 should be used for the base; its dimensions are far more accommodating to a 2-door vehicle.

Clearly you’ve never been in a spacious convertible.

No, he’s right. It ain’t 1954 anymore. No sense in a huge, very heavy boat (which would also handle badly), esp. for a 2-seater or 2+2 (can’t tell from the pic which it is).

A competitor to the Mazda Miata would be another headline grabber.

Good idea! Look at the Bentley Continental!

… Sales

Way too low volume

Looks great. I’d love to see what a Model 3 roadster would look like.

Make sense to do an open top with whisper quiet drive. Model S a bit big though

No….it’s too big. Do it with the Model 3.

This. But only after Y or hatchback 3

Give it Testarossa door slats.

I know it doesn’t mechanically need them, but

Tesla won’t make a car that isn’t safe for the passengers, so you can put your pens down if you think this is more than art/fantasy.

How is a convertible not safe for passengers?

Is that a serious question?

This design doesn’t even have a roll bar! That was bad enough for a small 2-seater like the original Tesla Roadster. Turning a larger, heavier Model S into a convertible without a roll bar would be just begging for Tesla’s exemplary record for accident survivability to take a nose dive.

Ive always had a hope that skateboard platforms could be stiff enough to allow a 4 door convertIble (that all died with the ladder chassis.)

P100DC sounds cooler 😜

Tesla should buy the right to manufacture this design in volume at their factory. I didn’t read all of it – but if they can make it with the Model S platform, and they have made the platform modular (a big IF), they will be able to make this fairly cheap – and I think the market for this car would be pretty huge (for a convertible) They could make two different models too, with a few changes. It would fit the relatively low volume production of the Model S. They should use the small scale production to their advantage to make special models. Not just convertibles, but Model S with a different (better looking) front for example. Changes to a platform that is modular require way less engineering and testing. Moulding for the stamping line can be very expensive as well, but if they can reuse as many parts as possible (without making the car look out of date), the could manufacture this in fairly limited numbers ans still be able to get a healthy profit. I like the way it looks, and I’m sure they could sell many. It should be made a full size (non working, cheap)… Read more »

I want to see the Model X rendered into a Minivan.

Or a Model X modeled into a sub-compact or a semi?

It’s already a minivan. Just a very expensive, and not very practical one.

With completely pointless falcon wing door that is only there to massage Elon’s ego.

Lost much money on shorting Tesla lately, dude?
πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

Model S is too big for this. They should use a Model 3.

Or make the Tesla Model S a 4 seat convertible comfort cruiser.

Dear god no!

Oh yes! This is the Tesla I would buy.

I want to see a Model 3 coupe…unless that’s the Roadster.

But thinking of the next gen Model S, which has to offer the 100D as the base pack, with a 150D and P150D battery pack with over 500 miles of range.

Tesla should do it!. Either themselves or license another coach-builder to help them build these specialty ones. Of course pricing about $20K more or around that figure depending on options.
In fact, since they erected the Tent to do Model 3 lines, make a few Tents for such specialty models would be great. An alternative is making the production line multi-model capable like how BMW manages theirs.

Small sheds in the U.K. should be able to fix this up for you.

Why should Tesla offer this option, when the Roadster 2 is on the way

Please don’t. Convertibles are the posers of poser cars, worse in every respect than whatever they are based on. And lord knows Tesla attracts enough posers as it is.