Tesla Model S Refresh Details: New Front Fascia, HEPA Filtration, Charger Upgrade, Colors

APR 12 2016 BY JAY COLE 62

Earlier this morning, pictures of a new Tesla Model S refresh showing a redesigned front end began to circulate around the web via some early canvas releases at Tesla stores in Australia.   Now a full update is available.

New Look For The Model S

New Look For The Model S

Curious to know more, we got in touch with Tesla about the update, and they filled us in on all the new details, while adding that the new changes are effective today for production at the company’s Fremont assembly facility in California.

Tesla tells us they will be updating their website today to reflect the changes.  We of course will bring all those new pictures and press copy when available

Here is a summary of  the new features:

*- The front fascia and headlights of Model S now have a design similar to that found on Model X.

*- The Tesla HEPA air filtration system which was previously only available on Model X is now available on Model S too. The filter is 100 times more effective than all other premium automotive filters removing at least 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from cabin air.

* -The standard charger in Model S is upgraded from 40 amps to 48 amps, enabling faster charging when connected to higher amperage charging sources.

* – Two new interior décor choices: Figured Ash Wood Décor and Dark Ash Wood Décor.

With the new look and some new features, the pricing of the Model S has also increased slightly across the trim levels, with the base Model S now starting $1,500 higher – from $71,500.

New "Dark Ash" Interior Trim Color Added

New “Dark Ash” Interior Trim Color Added

Tesla Model S Refresh Profile

Tesla Model S Refresh Profile

Another Look At The Model S Refresh From Behind

Another Look At The Model S Refresh From Behind

Some of the new features (such as the new headlight assembly and filtration system) are inside a revised Premium upgrade package for $3,000:

Tesla Model S "Premium" Package

Tesla Model S “Premium” Package

In outlining the changes to us, a Tesla spokeperson also added a note about the future of the Model S:

“As always, we will continue to add new features and functionality to Model S through over-the-air software updates. And, as always, software updates are free throughout the life of the vehicle, making Model S (and Model X) the only cars that actually improve over time.”

If You Already Have A Model S On Order In Tesla's System ... today is your lucky day!

If You Already Have A Model S On Order In Tesla’s System … today is your lucky day!

As for those who have Model S orders in the system and are awaiting production, we have good news, as Tesla is sending out the following notice (below) to those affected – free design upgrades for everyone!:

At Tesla, we are relentlessly committed to making product improvements. Model S and Model X are unique in how much they get better over time, even after you buy them.

In this spirit, the Model S nose and headlights have been changed to be similar to the Model X. Because you have already placed your order, these will be applied to your Model S at no additional cost to you.

Your Model S delivery is on track and will not be impacted by these updates. Welcome to Model S – we know you’re going to love it

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62 Comments on "Tesla Model S Refresh Details: New Front Fascia, HEPA Filtration, Charger Upgrade, Colors"

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Jay, they are calling the small pack a 75D now on the Model X configure site.

Yup, playing with my new configurator toy, the 75D Model X looks like the Bigger Bedder Deal

-Extra 5kwh of cowbell, only 3 miles off the 70D range, at 75 kwh, 237 miles
-New ($6,500) sports seats, in mixed textile, for no more money. Tesla gets $6,500 for these, as retrofits in leather.
-Instead of paying for a sunroof nearly behind you, X gives you the glass in front standard
-Only the 75D allows deselection of the $2500 air suspension, for Model X.

Add AP to the base 83k price, and its 85.5k before tax-credits and destination fees. A great deal, when you consider a stripped 90D is still 2500 more, or a loaded X @150k.

Tesla has updated the site for MS, but no new colors… Bummer, still no green…

Green is an old color, I have one. They phased it out due to low demand, so I doubt they bring it back…

I really wanted a deep, dark metallic brown Model S.

Custom colors? Tesla could have a $3K option for a custom or 2-tone paint job done at the factory. I bet their “most advanced” paint shop could do it at little extra cost.

The only problem is a CPO resale if they get a pink or odd car back nobody else wants.

To avoid this problem, they could simply do custom wraps for the S and X at the factory, so these could be peeled off later if needed for resale.

Not a fan of the Model X style opening… then again wasn’t exactly convinced by the fake grill… Model 3 is the best Tesla design so far.

This. I like the anti-grille.

Something looks different at the rear with the trunk hinge. Not sure what though…

Looks better with new front, specially from the site

Yes, happy to see the nosecone disappear.

Personnage I prefer the older front. The new one looks like plastic. They should at least put a T in the middle of it.

New autopilot sensors on side mirror mounts. Getting ready for autopilot 2.0?

The auto turning (adaptive) front lights are a great safety feature. We have always purchased the option when available on our cars. Makes a noticeable difference for me when driving at night.

Its face has lost some personality, becoming rather bland and featureless. Renault Caravellesque….

Absolutely right…

Overall, pretty cool!

I am continually disappointed that safety features (fog lights, lighted door handles, and now the adaptive headlights) are still packaged with convenience features, like your choice of alcantara headliner. WTF?

Those safety features should either be standard (particularly for a luxury vehicle), or part of a separate, cheaper safety package.

-Piano black dash gone, but now dark ash is the default, for $0 extra
-bio-weapon mode?
-Figured ash looks great, but its just trim.

I look at these changes and think Tesla’s emphasis is off this car.

Yep, feels like Tesla has lost interest in it. There is no soul or care into this design. Looks like a quick fix-em-up… Tttttttttt…. Tesla, Tesla Tesla,… (Shaking head in disappointment).

No one seemed to notice the $1,500 price increase.

Per the usual Tesla price increase they did add some things as standard that were optional.

and what it is?

Can i get the LED and the new front over the air? I mean i heard Tesla drivers boasting “my car will be always up to date…”

No, but Tesla does offer free tire rotation via wifi, which applies if you opted for the over-the-air suspension package.

Love the front – accentuates the lack of a great big grille needed for ICE’s, makes it more like aircraft like.

Agreed, big improvement on the front. The previous nose-cone was the only the I didn’t like about the design of the Model S. Glad to see it gone.

Nah it looks great with the nosecone. Spaceships have nosecones.

but doesnt look bad without the nosecone wither

I agree with you. The new nose looks like a bigger version of the Model 3 that was shown on the 31st.Imagine the S now copying the not yet release Model 3…

EVdrive (EV Driver was taken)

Agreed. The nose cone was the only wierd lookig part in an otherwise perfect design. Glad to see they cleaned this up!

scott franco (No M3 FAUX GRILL!)

Feh….. Tesla is going like Microsoft and trying to make all their cars look the same.

Microsoft does not have cars.

But Mercedes,BMW and Audi do.

And they all have corporate design language.

It’s a good thing too. Microsoft cars would be crashing constantly.

Microsoft cars will need rebooting after the autopilots crash. After they crash, a smiling Gates icon will bug you to buy new software, so it can crash in a new way.

Apple cars will always try to “swipe right” to avoid collisions. 🙂

An Intel car? It will be very fast, but have poor graphics until you buy the NVIDIA board.

An AMD car? It will be a slow, cheap copy of the Intel car. It will be sold everywhere, too.

I would agree with this comment, except that AMD is far from copies at this point. Their last copy was in the 486 days. THey are directly responsible for much of the technology in todays CPUs, even on Intels side. X64 is one of many AMD engineered themselves that Intel now liscenses in their chips. True Buldozer was a flop which explains their current stigma of being slow power hungry and hot, but this should change with Zen, which was designed by the same person that did the original Intel killer back in Athlon days. Who by the way now works for Tesla ;p
(Jim Keller)

Can anybody name a car company that doesn’t use corporate branding for their vehicle design, with design cues being repeated across multiple vehicles?

I’m sure there has to be an exception that proves the rule. Because every US, Asian, and European car company I can think of has used corporate design themes to create a “look” for their brand.

It is good to see Tesla taking their aesthetic branding seriously, just like other car companies. This will help them break into the mass market, by making all of their cars more recognizable as a Tesla on the road, increasing brand awareness.

What about the new seats….

After the gorgeous, spot-on model III, now this?!?
The S was beautifull just the way it was.
Yes, the faux grill was the ugly part on a beautifull car,… But… you’ve just glued the nose of a bigger “stronger, more “manly” SUV (X) onto an elegant luxuy sedan…! NO! Wrong! Very very wrong.
If they would have completely redesigned the S, then yes, maybe. But the blunt nose completly curses with the rounded shape of the car. Looks like they’ve let a boy-racer rice it up, and it’s gone wrong.
On the 3, the non-grill front reverse leans back, giving strength to a curvy car, but without making it scream.
This design just yells at me. It’s just a straight wall. And the intake lip on the intake is… Just… Wrong!
And what are the chrome skirt lines all about? Seriously, what is THAT? Ughhhh,…

After delivering a better design than I ever dared dream on the III, they’ve now pretty much ruined the S.

(Shaking head in disapointed disbelief…)

;-( F

The car finally has the looks to back up its performance.

Well done T (a long time coming though).

Much better than the fake grill. Hope the Model 3 gets something similar so the front end looks less like the lip of an actress that got too many Botox shots. 😉

A nosecone isnt a grill. It makes the car distinctive

Do spaceships have grills? No, they have nosecones.

And some have PICA-X shields. 😉

Tesla really should offer both grill and grill-less as options for all of the whiners.

Nah. Minimize parts inventory.

People are lucky to be able to choose the color. Remember the Henry Ford statement: “You can have any color you like as long as it is black.”

Similar to, “You can have any drive train, as long as it runs on Oil”. 😉

Overall, a pretty minor update which is good news for existing Model S owners. The front bumper is probably a wash in terms of folks that think it looks better vs. non-descript. I can’t imaging too many buyer in the last year are crying “WHY, OH WHY DIDN’T I WAIT!?!?!” – just not that compelling.

I think the new nose looks better but I appreciate the old S nose cone because it’s easy to remove so you can clamp an inverter to the battery to run stuff in an emergency. I suspect it’s not nearly so easy with the new nose, but maybe they’ve provided easy access somewhere else. Highly doubt it will be easy access without leaving the frunk open though, which is not nearly so nice.

How often would/do you use that feature? Or how often the general public would use that feature.

Don’t like it…

The older one looks better.

I liked the fact it looked different from the cheaper Model 3 and uglier Model X.

IMO, it looks nice.

I like the new face. I hope they repeat it on the Model 3. Right now it looks too naked, too much like an 80’s kit car.

Personally I like the nose of the 3 more. It needs to get used to, but then suddenly it says “click” and it’s just perfect. I like the X-face too, but the new S seems a bit bland to me.

I agree, at first I didn’t like it, but it grew on me. Also I think it actually looks better in pictures where you are on ground level with the car or above it, than in the reveal where the car was higher up than you.

I think most people are complaining because its different. You normally are used to a grill being on the front. With it missing, it feels naked at first, like something is missing. but you get used to it.

It seems like half of the Model S’s driving around in Los Angeles had their nosecone replaced with something already. It obviously was not a very well-liked feature and I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did.

“In this spirit, the Model S nose and headlights have been changed to be similar to the Model X. Because you have already placed your order, these will be applied to your Model S at no additional cost to you.”

I bet some people will be annoyed by this. I like the nose cone more. But I guess the headlights are a nice improvement.

“The standard charger in Model S is upgraded from 40 amps to 48 amps, enabling faster charging when connected to higher amperage charging sources.”

This is an underappreciated feature. As someone who has an EV with a pathetic 3.3KW charger, I would kill for something like that.

This is actually a downgrade. Those of us who got the “twin chargers” can charge at 80 amps. This is no longer available.

I find it interesting that now, the S and X have identical charging. 48 amps standard and 72 for $1500 more.

Apparently, no 80 amps for new Tesla buyers, and the only way you can get there is to upgrade a 40 amp model which they used to make.

So it seems they are trying to standardize parts, normally considered a good thing.

I was also pleasantly surprised at the relatively low cost of a basic X. But it does appear to be more than 110% of the price of a basic S.

As far as styling goes, it seems previous posters miss the ‘catfish’ grille.

I have to admit, without that grille the car seems more like an economy model. Its difficult to get subjective styling right on a car that mostly sells for more than $100K.

Oho, I know why they did this. The old system was to have one 40 amp charger or two 40 amp chargers.

The new system is to have two 24 amp chargers or three 24 amp chargers. Why? Three-phase support. For three-phase support you want exactly three chargers.

They didn’t design the original model with any thought to three-phase support.

In Canada it already start naked at over 100K + taxes…

I’m sad to see the nosecone disappear. Yeah, a lot of people didn’t like it, but I think it’s great! Certainly a lot more stylish than the blank “shark’s nose” of the Model X and Model ≡.

But hey! It’s like someone at Tesla was actually reading my posts on InsideEVs, because the new design for the Model S has vents at the bottom front similar to those on the Saleen aftermarket mod for the Model S, which I’ve mentioned multiple times as preferable to the Model X look:

You left out the biggest change: they removed the “purse slot” and put in a stupid console box.

My 2013 model now has several features which are not available on newer cars: purse slot, 80 amp charging, nosecone access for jumpstarting, nylon air filters (not polyester like the new ones)…

Collector’s item now 🙂

I’d sure like to see the worldwide monthly chart as the US now is accounting for only 20% of the total EVs sold.

If you don’t want to make a parallel chart, could you please give us a link to your data so we can make our own?

BTW – I think your work is great!