Tesla Model S Refresh Coming Soon?

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Tesla Model S In Need Of A Refresh?

Tesla Model S In Need Of A Refresh?


Tesla Model S To Lose Front Fascia "Grille" In Favor Of A More Model 3 Look?

Tesla Model S To Lose Front Fascia “Grille” In Favor Of A More Model 3 Look?

Does anyone remember this event (Tesla Motors and SpaceX Host A Night Of Innovation) in 2011? Maybe it’s time for another one.

It’s times like these that Musk’s hyperbolic tendencies should be forgiven. And it’s times like these that the squawking about Tesla’s taxpayer subsidies should receive a moment of silence. The U.S. of A. looks better every year because these companies deliver the goods, to the ISS and to our driveways. And now Musk’s crew lands a rocket on a Chiclet that happens to be undulating on the ocean.

Welcome to the club, SpaceX. Membership: one. Now back to TeslaMondo’s bread n’ butter blogging.

Looks like the long, lonely intermission between the first and second acts of Model ☰ Mania, a gripping show so far, will at least have some good refreshments available the lobby, with the emphasis on the “refresh” part. Rumor points to an imminent Model S refresh and lineup shiftthe refresh to include new seats and grille-less nose, and the lineup shift to include a new flagship version.

Tesla’s statement on the matter is as follows:

“We don’t comment on rumor or speculation about future releases. Tesla is constantly innovating and adding new features to our vehicles to perpetually improve Tesla vehicles for our existing and future customers. We price our vehicles consistently throughout the world which requires us to adjust pricing to foreign currency exchange rates. We have let customers know that some price changes will take effect in early April. We always encourage those interested in purchasing Model S to place their order so they can start enjoying the many benefits of Model S today.”

Tesla's new corporate face TeslaMondo

Eyes without a face? It can work.

Will the new hierarchy have more personality, akin to BMW’s “M” series, Mercedes’ “AMG” series or Lexus’ “F” series? Hope so. Will the new Model S stop masquerading as an air-gulping, gas-slurping car and lose the nose cone? Hope so.

If this refresh rumor is right, it means that the Model S went about four years without a styling massage. That’s longish nowadays, but then again, the car is still an exotic novelty to most of the world, and the OTA updates give it an unfairly long shelf life. Internally, the car has very little in common with the debut version of 2012. Also, the brand represents the future, where everything is fresh by definition — even if it’s four years old. It also has a connection to space exploration. That’s something automakers have tried for decades to imply about their cars. Rocketry never goes stale.

Actually, on second thought, it was indeed going stale. Until recently . . .

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model s deperately needs a redesign. it looks so common and like a toyota camry

If every Maybe you think the Model S is common because every time you see a Toyota Camry you think it’s a Model S.

Yea, gotta be that !

In that case it’s the toyota that needs the facelift… L O L ..

Actually, unless it’s nighttime (and the headlights and taillights set it off), I often confuse the S with certain Benz and particularly Jag models. Not exactly “common”.

Time for a face-lift. Good song too:

If the front fascia looks like the Model 3’s, some people will freak out. ‘Keanu Matrix Mouth’ has been polarizing.

There is a 12 volt battery access behind the fake grill. They may move it to the top, and under the Frunk Liner like Model 3, so I don’t know if just popping on a new front for your Model S to update it, will be trivial.

I predict lots of new CPO Models becoming available…

i would like a CPO with rear jump seats. 😀

People who freak at the sight of a grill-less car are not the target demographic for EVs. 20 years from now exactly the same type of bedwetters would freak at the sight of cars with grills.

Rite 0n jack! Just like chrome bumpers sticking 0ut , how silly & 0utdated they look today…

Tesla’s CPO inventory has been nearly sold out as a result of a very successful M3 launch.

In Dec. they had well over 100 CPO cars available, and they are now down in the single digits nationwide.

The time to buy a CPO Model S was 6 months ago. From now until well after the M3 has been into production, there aren’t going to be many CPO Model S’s to choose from, and they will likely be higher in price than December.

I wondered about that, but didn’t take the time to look – good point. That may very well be the case through 2017.

The announced price increase for new S in April probably had a lot to do with it, as well…

I hope they will make i like on the X
by just replacing the front bumper/nosecone
and that they make in such a way that the existing Model S can be upgraded as will

Agreed – giving the S nose the same design as the X nose is probably a lower-cost option for refreshing – then they’ll both not need a refresh for another 4 years.

The rest of the S is awesome, I think – elegant, modern, yet timeless. I live in the DC area, where Lexus, BMW 5 and up, Audi 6 and up, etc., are sighted by the hundreds daily. Jaguars pop up from time to time…quite a few top-line Benz seen every day…but when that Model S goes by, you know it without the design slapping you in the face – sweet, sweet car!

I’m more interested in what the platform for the next-generation Model S will be. I think with the cost savings embodied in the Model 3 platform, that could be stretched to create the Model S replacement in another 4 years. I want reduced frontal area (width), a sub-0.20 drag coefficient, and less weight. A longer-tailed Model 3 with more aluminum parts could accomplish that.

Well, Tesla isn’t traditional, but what normally happens, at least here in the US, is that models keep getting bigger, and then the automakers introduce new, smaller models from time to time – this is true for sedans, CUVs, pickup trucks…it’s at least true for the US and Japanese automakers that sell cars here.

I hope they don’t put the window buttons on the “big 17 inch screen”, or give us bio-hazard mode without some more practical stuff.

Lets be honest, it still looks good, but compared to the 3 and the X, it looks misplaced. Design always evolves and after 4 years it doesn’t look as fresh and new as it had looked.
The interior evolved, so did the software, but the exterior stayed the same. Its time for some makeup, at least to have some peace for another 3-4 years.

I think Tesla should get the model three into production first before messing with all these other reworkings unless it’s a bigger cheaper battery.

Yeah, well, but the Model S is still the thing that pays the bills.

I hope they announce the 100 kwh battery that people have been speculating about for a few weeks.

A number of years ago, their published timeline was to put out the Model X, then the Model E (now 3), then do a facelift on the Model S.

But with the delays in the X and 3, I can see where they would want to change their original order too.

Bye bye fugly nose one.

The opening paragraphs are priceless. Cannot be repeated too often:

Does anyone remember this event (Tesla Motors and SpaceX Host A Night Of Innovation) in 2011? Maybe it’s time for another one.

It’s times like these that Musk’s hyperbolic tendencies should be forgiven. And it’s times like these that the squawking about Tesla’s taxpayer subsidies should receive a moment of silence. The U.S. of A. looks better every year because these companies deliver the goods, to the ISS and to our driveways. And now Musk’s crew lands a rocket on a Chiclet that happens to be undulating on the ocean.

Welcome to the club, SpaceX. Membership: one.
[end quote]

Torque vectoring with tri-motors and 100kWh battery would be nice…

More luxurious interior would push for high end sales for sure.

Sorry gang… but as a model S driver.. I like the car the way it sits.. if you got the $$$$$ to buy one or lease one.. then you get to decide which way it goes… wanna bes can go pound sand with their opinions…

Oh…and the next gen leather is wonderful.. the seats are more comfotable than a lazy boy recliner… the 3 stage seat heaters glorious… torque vectoring? 3 motors? Have you even driven a 90D ?.. I can take an off ramp posted @ 25 mph at well past double that.. and not hear the base tires even squeal.. why over complicate things when simplicity works much better than anything that even exists elsewhere?..