Tesla Model S Receives Highest-Ever Owner Satisfaction Rating


New Tesla Model S Refresh

New Tesla Model S Refresh

The Auto Express 2016 Driver Power results for this year are in and the Tesla Model S scored a record high to take the overall win. The all-electric car won in seven categories! The car took number one for cost to run, due to its long range, no need for gas, and free access to Tesla’s Supercharger network.

Tesla Model S Tweet

Tesla Model S Tweet

The Model S has actually never been ranked in the Driver Power poll in the past. This marks a very notable first. Drivers emphasized the love of their cars for the large touchscreen, the unmatched autonomous driving features, and the instant gratification of electric torque, among other positive feedback.

Tesla driver, Ryan Hynd Thornaby of North Yorkshire commented:

“It’s quiet and incredibly quick, while Tesla customer service has been absolutely brilliant . . . I’d never go back to a normal car; I’d definitely get another Tesla.”

He admitted that it was a bold move to jump into an expensive, all-electric car from a newer OEM. But, he has been in the vehicle over 18 months and has only raving reviews. Ryan told Auto Express that he is enamored with the mass of space with two trunks. He plans to take the car on an upcoming trip to Spain, and has no range concerns. He adds to this that he is reminded, due to the charger network and no need for gas:

“It’s not going to cost me anything.”

This is all great news for Tesla as the Model X SUV is already hitting the streets and the Model 3 will likely be starting delivery inside of the next 18 months.

Despite the car’s high price point, there are still reported issues of build quality. The Model S finished at a low 33rd place in this category. Still, the other high scores, overall ranks, and owner satisfaction are hard to match.

For more details on the annual poll and other vehicle rankings, visit the link.

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Nice to see some balance in their report.

Elon Musk and Tesla along with SpaceX and Solar City are the best thing this Planet’s Got right now. We just lost Kobe Bryant after all, did anyone catch the highlights of his last game OMG

OK, this was funny:
“the Model 3 will likely be starting delivery inside of the next 18 months.”

Maybe, just maybe, Tesla will deliver a few high end $60,000 M3, but the $35K EV for the masses will not be here before 2020.

It’s distressing to see yet another review of the Model S that finds inferior build quality. Tesla MUST learn to build a reliable car if they are to become the EV for the masses. If a $35K car needs thousands of dollars of repairs every few years then it isn’t a $35K car!

High quality has been a priority for Tesla from the beginning. I am surprised at the low rating, it just goes to show how hard this is to do. There are literally thousands of things that can go wrong and most manufacturers have had 50 years or more to refine the process. Tesla will apply lessons learned on the Model S to the SX and 3.

You sound like a PR spokesperson.

Every reliability survey I’ve seen puts Tesla right at the bottom. One even has them below Chrysler-Fiat.

You sound like a paid disinformer. Tesla doesn’t build inferior quality products. They have some issues to fix but they do it faster than any other manufacturer, and constantly repeating the Model 3 will be late doesn’t make it true. Musk has surprised us many times in the past. He will do it again.

I wonder how long was Ford’s first models a century ago… The Roadster was a first shot from a beginner. The Model S was the their first car built from the ground up, and the Model X was mostly delayed by the unbelievable success of Model S, bringing a lot of cash to the company and giving time to perfect Model X. But this, no marketing dept. from no company will ever admit it. It would be suicide.

You sound like you’ve drunk the kool aid, buddy.

“Tesla doesn’t build inferior quality products.”

Just saying that doesn’t make it so. Every reliability study published disagrees with your assertion and agrees that Teslas are rolling junkyards.

“they do it faster than any other manufacturer”

Sure, whatever. There’s nothing wrong with being slow to the market, I personally MUCh prefer the Model 3 to the Bolt despite the Bolt being faster to production. But the Bolt, if it follows in the Volt’s footsteps, will be among the most reliable cars on the road. That may not matter to those who can afford a Model S as a fifth car, but if you can just afford a $35K car as an only car then if it isn’t reliable you’re screwed.

“Every reliability study published disagrees”
Now show us links.

The article is about the best satisfaction rating and you go on repeating and pounding only one thing.
And you insinuate (again!) that Tesla is only for the richest people. (fifth car… lol!)

A true disinformer indeed.

My question is:

Does “Slacker” FUD for free, or is he getting paid for it?

These talking points sound rather like those perpetuated by GM and stock shorters. *shrugs*

Stock short-seller or propagandist paid by a competing auto maker, or paid by Big Oil, does it really matter? The point is that he’s obviously just copying and pasting Tesla bashing propaganda that he read elsewhere.

I don’t know whether it’s more sad or amusing that he thinks we’d actually be gullible enough to believe he owns an EV. Kinda like those serial Tesla bashers on Seeking Alpha who, every couple of months or so, post “Well, I was getting ready to buy a Tesla car, but then they…” But their excuse changes from month to month!

If one were not absolutely certain of the scrupulous honesty of serial Tesla bashers on Seeking Alpha, one might be inclined to suspect a bit of mendacity might be involved there. 😀

Isn’t it amazing on how on all the Tesla threads we get these new usernames popping up and posting anti-Tesla FUD like this new JackSh*%$ guy?

Methinks that Mark Spiegel and his employees have been busy over at Flat Stanley Capital.

You sound like someone telling a tale full of sound and fury and indicating nothing.

Well, most of those reliability reports are only referring to Consumer Reports’ inaccurate reliability rating. That rating is based on the motor problems in the very early 2012-2013 production run, which did have some issues that have already been addressed in newer vehicles.

Anyone who experienced motor problems had them fixed for free and 97% of those 1200 customers surveyed said that their next car would still be a Tesla.

Well, powertrain problems are powertrain problems. Granted, they replaced the rear units before anything bad happened, which is very cool for the consumer, but the fact remained that there was a likelihood of a serious issue.

I have not heard any complaints about the drivetrain for quite some time, so it would appear that all that proactive studying and testing they did of those removed drive units has paid off.

Anybody know if there are still drive unit issues/replacements going on? All I’ve heard about this last year or two has been the luxury items, like the motorized door handles, motorized side mirrors and general interior rattles (which every damn car has, annoying as it is – with an EV you’ll notice them more without the ICE noise).

It’s been maybe 3-4 months since I did a search for that on the Tesla Motors Club forum, but last time I looked, they were indeed still having the occasional problem with a “milling noise” and drive unit replacements.

I think the frequency of that has dropped, and hopefully it’s dropped a lot, but it’s hard to tell from anecdotal reports. Sadly, the not-very-useful charts from Consumer Reports surveys are the closest thing we have to a quantitative analysis of problems in Tesla cars.

Jacked Slacker said:

“Every reliability survey I’ve seen puts Tesla right at the bottom.”

Again I find it amazing that a serial Tesla basher will make it so obvious that he’s not sticking to the truth.

It’s as if, when someone chooses to start short-selling Tesla stock, a switch flips inside their brain and they become a compulsive liar. Telling half-truths and untruths even when the actual truth would serve their Tesla bashing agenda better.

Really sad.

+1 Tesla is the new Delorean with more tax payer money and internet hype to keep it alive in spite of hemorrhaging money. Anyone that says their reliability is anything less than dismal has not actually kept up or is just a fool.

Model S competitors have low reliability ratings, as well, and like Tesla, for trivial things like rattles and motorized luxury items that fail.

There is really nothing to see here…move along…

CR has Model S reliability higher than the Mercedes S Class.

Not being at the head of the class does not make you bottom of the class or “inferior.”

And Tesla replacing a drive unit due to noise counts as a “major drivetrain” problem according to CR even though it does not leave anyone stranded on the road. They equate this to replacing the engine and transmission in an ICEv.

Tesla definitely needs to improve manufacturing and reliability but claiming Model S is worse than Fiat Chrysler is hyperbolic nonsense.

It’s worse than mere hyperbolic nonsense. Everyone is entitled to their honest opinion, even if it’s very wrong.

What people are not entitled to do, is to intentionally post disinformation in a deliberate attempt to damage a company’s reputation, in pursuit of an agenda of greed.

If Tesla could crack the quality issues they will definitely take over the world

No. They don’t NEED to increase quality… though they are undoubtedly working on it. The factory has been going full-pelt since they started in 2012. They do nothing except try to make more cars every month. This obviously shows that demand is rising unabated – even before they fully get their arms around the quality problem.

Well, I hope they’re working on it. While Tesla’s build quality certainly isn’t “at the bottom”, it’s equally true that there are some ongoing non-trivial issues with quality control.

It’s true that at the moment, Tesla’s quality problems are not hurting sales. But that’s short-term thinking. Tesla needs to address this problem. If they don’t, then sooner or later some newer EV maker is gonna come along and steal their market, just like the Japanese auto makers did to GM, Ford, and Chrysler in the 1970’s and ’80’s.

I’ve got 60,000 miles on my 2.5-yr-old P85. Yes it has some rough edges in the interior, from design to functionality, but there’s nothing preventing me from buying another one. No-one buys a Tesla because of its interior… we buy it because it is electric and it’s a damp fine, no, amazing car to drive. (It outsells all its rivals in that large luxury sedan class, so that tells you how much car buyers favor “interior luxury” versus the other aspects of the car.) Nothing major has ever gone wrong with it, I’ve never been stranded, it has never “broken down.”

“damn fine” 🙂

I only have 16K miles on my 70D and have never had a single problem and with the interior upgrade package, I think the interior is excellent. The interior of other luxury cars looks like a Blackberry compared to an iPhone, lots of buttons randomly placed all over the interior compared to the clean, modern Tesla interior.

Nice win for Tesla. Another well-deserved trophy to add to the growing pile.

Go Tesla!

I wish Consumer Reports used a ratings chart like the one above. It’s much more straightforward and easier to understand than CR’s rather arcane ratings system.

Tesla plans to set up another factory in Europe and maybe also in China. When my company (IBM) produced computer hardware in the past, we always had two factories for a given product: one in the US and another outside the US. They ran a company-internal competition to improve quality and reduce cost. Tesla should go the same way.

Why no mention of the Renault ZOE BEV in this article at all?
Renault ZOE came in second only surpassed by Tesla S3: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/best-cars/driver-power/95238/best-cars-to-own-driver-power-2016-results

Jup, seeing Zoe into second place is very cool!

+1, wha’ happened Steven?

I am not sure there’s such a thing “balanced and objective” ranking. Especially when you are putting BEV against ICE cars.

The problem with, people who operate BEV’s, and very expensive ones in case of model S or X, I don’t consider these people objective. They simply cannot be and most are not. Would you be after you spend a lot of money on a car 99% of people cannot afford?

On top of that, how did they leave out “value” category which would greatly disadvantaged any current Tesla car due to their very high price.

Undoubtedly, a capable car, but the most valuable and satisfying when 99% could not buy one anyway? Certainly not …

To come by an article about Tesla which would be truly balanced is like experiencing a miracle. Why is that?

First of all, “value” is relative. In its class, the Model S is an astounding value, just on gas savings alone, not to mention the driving performance, which is superior to every vehicle on the road that is not a two-door supercar with a superprice.

Given the price, performance and fuel savings, the P90D at about $130k USD is a staggering value in its class.

Secondly, I don’t know where you live, but I’ve been living in and around the DC region for over a decade – a place where BMW, Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, Infinity, Range Rover, etc., combined are more common than Chevys and Fords. There are a staggering number of people around here that can afford a Tesla as well as you and I can afford a Chevy.

If you walk through a parking garage or along the street pretty much anywhere around here, particularly anywhere in Northern Virginia, and if you look at any 10 consecutive vehicles, you will see about 4-6 Asian products (Japanese and Korean), 2-3 European products and 2-3 USA products. Within that, about a third or more of each are luxury brands.

The buying public seems to agree with your view, as Tesla is taking the lunch money from the legacy luxury automakers in that segment.

You know what is really nice? Tesla is mostly taking market share from imports . . . BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Audi, Range Rover, etc.

I certainly don’t live where you live, but to claim that a car, is an astounding value at 130K USD, clearly puts you and me in a different class of people. I am sorry, and it doesn’t matter what superlatives you use to describe the Tesla, it is just a car for the 1%.

Nothing more nothing less. Yes, it is a new technology and they deserve props for that.

Vehicle tests I read usually give value/ratio, or at least consider a price to be a factor, not here though.

Also your claim, that the gas savings are enormous …. Really? You call 2K per year enormous savings?

*ahem* – I said, “IN ITS CLASS” – not against every vehicle of any type currently on sale in the US. Pay attention, and stop confusing the issue.

mxs said:

“…how did they leave out ‘value’ category which would greatly disadvantaged any current Tesla car due to their very high price.”

In the first place, “value” in a luxury… er, “premium”… car is going to be highly subjective. So giving a rating for that seems rather pointless.

In the second place, mxs, everyone who has ever bought a Tesla car, quite obviously, completely disagrees with you. If they didn’t think they were getting good value for the money, they would have bought a different car.

Yes, you are right, there’s whole 50K of those buyers in 4 or so years ….. Staggering elite group, clearly car for everyone.

You just proved my point, without really admitting it.

As I said, it’s a good car, but, should never objectively reach the pedestal.

If can they do that with model 3 in 2 years, now they have a game and I have no problem with the scoring #1 ….

Tesla is doing great.

But I would like the see the survey again once Model S are out of warranties.

I believe majority of them are still covered under warranty…

Well, they have very little customer base to look after,so they will probably go out of their way to fix issues. Once they release model 3, they priorities will have to change in a hurry. It will only be fair to judge it by then ….

Good point. Also, there are (or at least were) extended warranty options, and probably quite a few people bought the extended coverage because it’s a new company with a new product. It could take even longer before we get to a steady-state with volume sales.