Tesla Model S Rear Ended By Big Rig – Owner Able To Drive Model S Home


Over at Tesla Motors Club, a Tesla Model S owner posted these images showing a banged-up Model S.  Along with the images, the Model S owner told his story:

“Actually I was rear-ended by an 18 wheeler… I was the only one in my car and am doing ok, thankfully.”

“…that truck in the front was indeed the one that hit me.”

“…I was pushed off road a good 100 ft. Initially, I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to get the car out… But with some assistance from the tow truck driver & firemen I was able to drive it back on the road and eventually home.”

Once again, the world’s safest passenger vehicle proves it’s designed to protect its occupants in even the most serious of accidents.

Safety concerns over over the rear-most jump seats that are optional on the Model S are put to rest here too.  This particular Model S isn’t fitted with third-row seats, so it doesn’t have the additional rear safety bar that Tesla adds to the Model S when one opts for the jump seats.

Even without that additional bar, the third-row seating area appears reasonably intact, with the Model S owner stating:

“…kids in the rear seats wouldn’t have been touched (except for some minor glass). And I don’t have the rear kids seat option.”

Additional images and discussion found here at Tesla Motors Club.

Source: Tesla Motors Club

Tesla Model S Rear Ended By Big Rig Semi Truck

Tesla Model S Rear Ended By Big Rig Semi Truck

Tesla Model S Rear Ended By Big Rig Semi Truck

Tesla Model S Rear Ended By Big Rig Semi Truck

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*sigh* Just when this impeccable news gets out, Tesla (TSLA) stock skyrockets once again.

I really like how safe the Tesla Model S is. Very well engineered.

If Tesla can get the price down and still make a profit, they really are going to become huge.

The engineering is so well done, the brand is very strong, and the customer service is great. They just need to get within the reach of more consumers.

And I’m surprised by the fact that the rest of the automakers still just don’t get it. Most of their attempts have been timid and not well aimed.

A Model S can be had for a great price. All you have to do is be smart like the “Strechla” guy and know the programming and the mechanics. He now has the “Strechla” doner running and has used the super charger.

I think a cool hot rod project would be to get a wrecked S and turn it into a hot rod with super charger access!!

I didn’t think he had used a SC yet. He had to get the cooling system working first. I’ll have to go to his website and check for updates.

By which you mean to say “I wish I could afford one”.

Because apparently some 2300 people per month think that the Model S is indeed, reasonably priced.

That’s my problem – for what it is, in its segment (safety, performance, efficiency) – it’s reasonably priced.

Any Tesla I would buy would be a “stretchla” because that’s what I would be doing to my finances…(ba-da boom! I’ll be here all evening…)

I already have an EV. But I want far more people to be able to afford them. Right now people can still whine about the high price (or very short range) of EVs. But if Tesla can push the price down a bit more, then people will have no good excuse not to jump in on the EV bandwagon.

Clean, quiet, low maintenance, no smog checks, no oil changes, VERY cheap to fuel, no oil drips, no fill-ups, can grow your own fuel on your roof with solar PV . . . what is not to like?

I also have an EV (can you guess what kind?). My lease is up later this year so I plan on buying my next EV, but I haven’t figured out which EV it will be. I could afford the Tesla…if they have a 10 year option for financing! Otherwise it would cost more for my car a month than my mortgage!

Do another 3yr lease and (fingers crossed) Tesla Gen 3 will be out in 2017.

I understand what you mean, and as you most likely already know, that is what the model e will be.

They should not lower the price of the s or the x; those should stay their high end car.

Those whose sell the most mid-range products have the best high end versions, be that cars or graphic cards.

People want a piece of greatness, even if at the lower end.
But for that there needs to be a high end to identify with.

2300 a month sounds like the Tesla Model S with all the options. Realistically it is more like 1300 – 1400 a month for an 85kwh with decent specs. Factor in that gasoline costs average around 400 a month and yes it is “relatively affordable”

That certainly depends on how much you drive what vehicle at what gas price.

Even here in europe, with double the cost of the very cheap gas you get, I don’t pay more than $50 per month; I don’t:
– drive everywhere (mostly my racing bike)
– drive an bigger car than absolutely necessary
– have a lead foot
– leave the car idling in a traffic jam or at the lights and railway crossings, or as I have often witnessed, while stopped at the side of the road chatting to a friend on the phone or out the window.

At $400 per month, an ev is a no-brainer.

I wonder if the insurance company will total it. If not, I wonder what the repair costs are and how quickly a Tesla shop can repair something like this. Will his loaner be a Tesla?

In Az one would have to get a “Salvage” title. I know more than one person that has done this.

Total or salvage?

I know were this accident looks like it took place Pennsylvania. It looks like it took place on Interstate 83 at the York Pennsylvania exit in that I recognize the sound barriers and overpasses in the photo.

This is not the worst wreckage I have seen driving on the road. In that I once saw a woman in a car that had it’s whole left side covered in duck tape. And the woman was doing 80 miles on hour in the car.

As for this car the least I can say is that they are going to have to chop the whole back end off and rebuild it. Or maybe it will become someone’s project car after it is sold for scrap.

I thought so, as well. I grew up in the Harrisburg region.

What no fire?! Fake.


Tesla out-Volvos Volvo…

I’ll give him $5k to take it off his hands, salvage title and all. Will even come pick it up, free of charge.

I’ll offer $7k, pickup at my own expense – I see a carbon-fiber spoiler…probably a P85+…

I’ll offer $9K and drive as is. 🙂

Damn, I got outbid. This was bound to happen. I imagine Tesla would probably buy it themselves, rather than let a salvage title out on the road to mar their image/name.

Any info on the relative speed? No info to be found, but seems to be low.

In addition the bumpers have missed each other completely; seems to me, higher speed could be critical for jump seat passengers.

Now ducks and runs away.

The bumpers would miss each other completely for most non-SUV, non-truck vehicles. Even in my 2010 Mariner hybrid, I’m still practically shoulder-level with some truck and bus frames and their bumpers. Large vehicles are a major hazard to everyone else.

I would be interested in relative speed, too, but being pushed in 2.1 ton vehicle approximately 100ft would indicate a meaningful difference.

If it is in the region where I think it is, traffic on the interstates stops rather abruptly sometimes, and the trucks, even if traveling at the posted speed limit, cannot stop fast enough. This guy was likely slowed to a roughly 15mph crawl and the truck probably slammed into him at least about 40mph-45mph.

An interesting safely feature of the Model S (or any case with adjustable height) could be to quickly raise the suspension if it detects that a front or rear collision is imminent. Even better if it could figure our the optimal height to “match” the bumper contact.

“if traveling at the posted speed limit, cannot stop fast enough.”

These accidents often happen precisely because so many people disregard the fact that speed is not everything.
Appropriate distance to the vehicle in front of you is VERY important.

I don’t know about the speed but the car seems to have been moved by the truck, on top of that the truck sustained damage to the point where it couldn’t move.

My guess is the impact was high speed, but the cars were moving in the same direction so the semi hit the Tesla Model S in the back and dragged it.

Was the poor Big Rig able to drive away? 😉

Nope, It was damaged and had to be towed.

The bumpers missed each other, seems the radiator took the hit and leaked.

So.. you are telling me that the Big Rig was stuck and the Model S drove back home? wow…

Tesla took a lot of heat from the EV and Lightweighting crowd for how heavy their Model S was when first revealed.

But heavy cars and their occupants fare significantly better in collisions. We’re witnessing the amazing results of wise choices made years ago…