Tesla Model S Range Per Charge Simulator – Video


Range Simulator

Range Simulator

Rather nifty Tesla Model S range per charge simulator featured in this video.

I’m playing with the ‘Range Per Charge Simulator’ to show the effects of:

1. Wheels size (19″ vs 21″)
2. Speed
3. Outside temperature
4. Air conditioning or Heat on/off

in Miles (first minute of this video)
in Kilometers (second minute of this video)

for the 4 Tesla Model S models : 70D, 85, 85D, P85D (July 2015).

“How many miles (kilometres) can you drive with this car?”

Give it a spin yourself from Tesla Motors webpage here (it’s about 3/4 of the way down the page)

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15 responses to "Tesla Model S Range Per Charge Simulator – Video"
  1. Chris says:

    Weird… At 32 degrees and lower, the 85 has more range than the 85D with the heater on… I wonder why that is.

    Also, if you want to play with the simulator, it is located on the main Model S page… Just scroll down.


  2. Scramjett says:

    I find this calculator useful, I just wish they had speeds over 70 MPH available. I’d love to know the effect on my range going 80, 85, 90 and 100.

    1. Koenigsegg says:

      never hit those speeds

    2. Brian says:

      Me too. And temperatures below 0F. I’d hate to see the range at -20F / 85MPH, which many people drive around here in February.

    3. Priusmaniac says:

      That would be interesting to know indeed, especially at 80 mph which is standard freeway speed in most of the countries.

  3. ffbj says:

    Pretty cool. One thing about Tesla is they are always trying to move forward, while many car companies seem to having a hard time just staying in place.
    One example is the recent hack of Fiats, where hackers remotely took over and controlled a Jeep. So a huge recall for Fiat, while with Tesla a recent hack, admittedly within the vehicle itself, was addressed by an over the air update of the computer software.

    1. Sri says:

      Being a seller of Ultra Lux Vehicle, you have to move forward for the exclusivity factor. People comparing Tesla’s cars with Fiat need to get their head checked.

  4. MikeG says:

    Tesla should add a range calculator to the on-board apps.

    1. Djoni says:

      Wouldn’t that be displayed automatically in the dashboard?

  5. Brian Swanson says:

    Theres also something funky where the range go’s up at 90f with AC on V/S 70f with AC on.

    1. Brian says:

      That is only happening on the D drive units. Most likely due to the rear idle causing a drop in used power. I cant explain why they all drop 90->110 besides just dont go outside when its 110? lol

  6. kdawg says:

    I wish Tesla would make an offline route simulator/planner. I know the car has one, but I would like to put in my starting point and destination and have a website give me the fastest route including stops at charging stations. Also, let me tweak it afterwards.

    I saw a 3rd party make this kind of website, and it was pretty good, just wish something would come from Tesla.

  7. Ken says:

    The range per charge simulator doesn’t show up for me? Does it only show up when viewing on a desktop? Im using an iphone 6.