Tesla Model S Range Per Charge Simulator – Video


Range Simulator

Range Simulator

Rather nifty Tesla Model S range per charge simulator featured in this video.

I’m playing with the ‘Range Per Charge Simulator’ to show the effects of:

1. Wheels size (19″ vs 21″)
2. Speed
3. Outside temperature
4. Air conditioning or Heat on/off

in Miles (first minute of this video)
in Kilometers (second minute of this video)

for the 4 Tesla Model S models : 70D, 85, 85D, P85D (July 2015).

“How many miles (kilometres) can you drive with this car?”

Give it a spin yourself from Tesla Motors webpage here (it’s about 3/4 of the way down the page)

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Weird… At 32 degrees and lower, the 85 has more range than the 85D with the heater on… I wonder why that is.

Also, if you want to play with the simulator, it is located on the main Model S page… Just scroll down.


I find this calculator useful, I just wish they had speeds over 70 MPH available. I’d love to know the effect on my range going 80, 85, 90 and 100.

never hit those speeds

Me too. And temperatures below 0F. I’d hate to see the range at -20F / 85MPH, which many people drive around here in February.

That would be interesting to know indeed, especially at 80 mph which is standard freeway speed in most of the countries.

Pretty cool. One thing about Tesla is they are always trying to move forward, while many car companies seem to having a hard time just staying in place.
One example is the recent hack of Fiats, where hackers remotely took over and controlled a Jeep. So a huge recall for Fiat, while with Tesla a recent hack, admittedly within the vehicle itself, was addressed by an over the air update of the computer software.

Being a seller of Ultra Lux Vehicle, you have to move forward for the exclusivity factor. People comparing Tesla’s cars with Fiat need to get their head checked.

Tesla should add a range calculator to the on-board apps.

Wouldn’t that be displayed automatically in the dashboard?

Theres also something funky where the range go’s up at 90f with AC on V/S 70f with AC on.

That is only happening on the D drive units. Most likely due to the rear idle causing a drop in used power. I cant explain why they all drop 90->110 besides just dont go outside when its 110? lol

I wish Tesla would make an offline route simulator/planner. I know the car has one, but I would like to put in my starting point and destination and have a website give me the fastest route including stops at charging stations. Also, let me tweak it afterwards.

I saw a 3rd party make this kind of website, and it was pretty good, just wish something would come from Tesla.

Here’s the 3rd party one. https://evtripplanner.com/

The range per charge simulator doesn’t show up for me? Does it only show up when viewing on a desktop? Im using an iphone 6.