Tesla Model S Races Viper, Vette, Ferrari & More – Video

SEP 14 2015 BY MARK KANE 12

Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous Mode wanted chargerd or discharged

Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous Mode wanted chargerd or discharged

DragTimes is waiting on the Tesla Model S Ludicrous Mode for tests in drag races against all the other contenders.

Before that happens, here is video with races featuring both the P85 and P85D from the past few years.

“Tesla Model S P85D P85 Racing the World 0-60 MPH (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Viper, Vette, AMG, M)

Watch the Tesla Model S P85D and P85 race cars from all over the world to 60 MPH, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Chevrolet, Dodge, Mitsubishi and more…”

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Putting the popcorn on?

There’s one guy posting P90D Ludicrous times, so far. 0-60 2.81 w/one foot roll-out, but no 1/4 mile. There are probably many buyers/upgraders in stand-by, waiting to see what dragtimes, or others, reveal.

Will it actually put down a 10.9 second quarter?

Will P85D retro-fit Ludicrous with the same (2.8 & 10.9) result?

Will we see the one-year anniversary of “Autopilot” (without AP), before we see Ludicrous available, let alone tested, for P85D?

Don’t forget to cover the popcorn.

The way to win a drag race in a Tesla Model S is to carefully choose the distance to the finish line. The Model S will generally win in a 1/8 mile race. Not so much the 1/4 mile race against a high performance gasmobile.

It amazes me that Model S drivers continue to find gasmobile drivers willing to race them in the 1/8 mile course. If I was a gasmobile drag racer, I’d certainly insist on the longer distance.

The P90D with the ludicrous option is not nearly as susceptible to that.

Electric is faster, it’s simply not fair to embarrass gasoline like this or to encourage their emissions 🙂

Tesla Model S is a big, heavy sedan that can easily keep up with any lightweight, 2 seat, supercar on any public road.

Just wait until Tesla releases its next Roadster.

There will be nothing left to say.

Except, “they’ve gone to Plaid”!

Elon: Our next generation Roadster; using technology from all vehicles in Tesla’s line up, will be able to do a 0-60 sprint in 0.7 seconds.

Guy: That must be a typo

Elon: It’s not.

Guy: You must be joking

Elon: I’m not.

Guy: ….
Guy: ……..

Guy: Can I change my pants and then we go for a test drive?

Elon: Not now. I’m building a rocket that re-charges mid-flight using the apricity of the sun.

Guy: …………………………………………

It is fun to go to the track and humble all those performance cars. And my little 1st generation Roadster does a great job in the street class

I would bet anyone would get a charge out of that. Funny.

As much as I like the Tesla, some of those Ferrari’s sound totally wicked! Way better than the insane mode click.

First,the cars you are comparing are not made for draging.
Who cares how fast a vechile goes from red light to red light, bring round abouts.

Second, I like to see a 1000 mile race include fueling.

There will always be a case made for the strengths of an ICE over EV. Sure thing about rolling starts, distance to cover in 24 hours, etc….

I just find it amusing if one were to add up the MILLIONS of dollars of finely tuned ICE vehicles a single car brand/model they all raced against.