Tesla Model S Pricing Expected To Start At $95,000 USD In Australia


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Those Tesla’s official website for Australia still lacks pricing information, a “source with knowledge of the pricing” told Gizmodo that the base Model S 60 kWh will be priced at $95,000 in Australia. (USD)

Gizmodo adds:

“Tesla customers who registered their interest in the Model S have already been contacted and given Signature Reservation slots. Advanced negotiations are already underway for these buyers to pick up their cars in the near future.”

In terms of pricing, Gizmodo states:

“That $95,000 buys you a stock 60kWh Tesla Model S, which normally costs just over $US 81,000 in North America (not sure how Gizmodo got this number, starts at $71,070 with doc fees).  The additional charge comes not from the Australia Tax per se, but old-fashioned Australian taxes. The 10 per cent Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Luxury Car Tax and Stamp Duty are all factors driving up the price in Australia for the base model car. The fully-optioned, performance-spec 85kWh Tesla Model S will come in at almost double the base price, topping out at around $200,000.”

For comparative purposes, the BMW M5, a high-performance sedan, starts at ~$230,000 in Australia, or more than twice what is costs in the US.  Meanwhile, a BMW i3 costs ~$70,000 in Australia.

As it did in China, Tesla seems to be aggressively (or “fairly” as Tesla states) pricing the Model S in Australia in hopes that sales will be high.

Source: Gizmodo

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is that $95K in USD or AUD?

Pesos… =) Since it’s the old fashioned pesos sign 😛

“That $95,000 buys you a stock 60kWh Tesla Model S, which normally costs just over $US81,000 in North America”

lol wrong

WRONG. Tesla formally posted pricing on its web site on May 28th Pacific Time. Go to Teslamotors.com, change your Region to AUS and click Order Model S and all the pricing is there. They even calculate the “On the Road” pricing as required in Australia, which includes all the fun Australian taxes and fees. Example in New South Wales:
Base 60kWh Car: $91,400
Luxury Car Tax: $4,808
Local Registration: $523
Local CTP: $767
Local Stamp Duty: $3,910
Total Price in NSW: $101,408

That’s about 94k and change in USD