Tesla Model S Priced From $74,650 in Hong Kong


Tesla Model S Pricing Hong Kong

Tesla Model S Pricing Hong Kong

Hot on the heels of announcing a starting price of $121,000 for the Tesla Model S in China, Tesla Motors says that buyers in Hong Kong will pay as low as $74,650 to get a 60 kWh Model S.

Loaded Model S

Loaded Model S – $133,866 USD

Here’s the pricing breakdown for the Model S in Hong Kong:

  • 60 kWh Tesla Model S: HK $579,000 or $74,650 USD
  • 85 kWh Tesla Model S: HK $657,000 or $84,706 USD
  • P85 Tesla Model S: HK $761,800 or $ 98,218 USD

A fully loaded P85 Tesla Model S will cost Hong Kong buyers HK $1,038,300 or $133,866 USD

The cheaper prices in Hong Kong (as compared to China) are due to shipping costs, high duties and taxes that are present in China, but which don’t exist to the same extent in Hong Kong.

Jerome Guillen, vice-president of Tesla sales and service, stated:

β€œTo treat our customers in Hong Kong as fairly as possible, we are offering the Model S at the same retail price that customers in the US pay, adding only unavoidable transportation costs, and applying the current market exchange rate.”

Tesla claims to have hundreds of pre-orders for the Model S in Hong Kong.Β  Deliveries there are expected to begin before the end of 2014.

Perhaps the Sweetest Model S Image Ever

Perhaps the Sweetest Model S Image Ever

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I think I just heard a cheer from Hong Kong reservation holders.

Great price.. I think TESLA said that they will install supercharger as well. If that happens than TESLA will surely dominate luxury market in HK.

You can drive like 30 times around the island on one charge so I doubt they could even get it into max speed at any point πŸ˜› It wouldn’t be hard to cover Hong Kong with superchargers πŸ˜›

Er . . . not quite.
Look up “Special Administrative Region” on Wikipedia.
The full SAR is many times bigger than Hong Kong Island alone.
Then check Kowloon and Lantau Island, where the newish airport now is (bridge connected to the mainland portion of Hong Kong).
Along with HK island, these are all part of greater “Hong Kong”.

Can’t we take some free-trade action against China? Come on, FFS. They run a massive trade surplus . . . they don’t need to be such protectionist jerks.