Tesla Model S Part Of Vice President Biden’s Motorcade (w/video)


Model S In Biden's Motorcade

Model S In Biden’s Motorcade

You’ll see the Tesla Model S just momentarily at the 51-second mark, but it’s there.

“Here you can see the Vice President of the United States of America been escorted by the Brussels Police Department, Belgium Secret Service, US Secret Service and the Belgian Federal SWAT Team.”

Wall Street Journal says this is how the Model S became part of the motorcade:

After the conclusion of Mr. Biden’s public events—meeting with European leaders—the Brussels-based press left the traveling pool, taking Press 1 with them.”

“That left the single remaining pool reporter without a ride. Enter the Tesla.”

“The Secret Service swept the car for bombs and it joined the rear of the motorcade as what U.S. officials acknowledged was the coolest “Press 1” the world has ever known.”

“The car was supplied by the company hired to provide vehicles for the motorcade and was one of the few American-made vehicles available for use by the delegation, according to people familiar with the matter. Before joining the motorcade, the Tesla had been used by staffers to prepare for Mr. Biden’s visit to Brussel.”

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“and was one of the few American-made vehicles available for use by the delegation”

(argh..hit post by mistake)

Wouldn’t this have been assembled in Tilburg, Netherlands?

And the batteries are currently still made in Japan. What’s your point?

Because they referred it to an “American-made” car. If final assembly is in the Netherlands, I wouldn’t call it an American “made” car. It’s from an American company, yes.

Isn’t “final assembly” really only putting the bumper and battery pack on it? I guess it is technically final assembly, but everything was made and mostly assembled in America.

I don’t think there is much assembly in the “final assembly”, but I have yet to read the details (or recall them that is).

EU bound Tesla Model S are fully assembled at Tesla’s California factory. I saw them during my factory tour. The battery and drive unit are then removed, and then reinstalled at Tilburg.

And what do they do in Tilburg? It’s basically just puting the battery in.

Anyway, it’s kind of telling of the low regard of (other) American brands.

Most of the metal in the car IS AMERICAN designed and made. Was pretty sure you were aware of that…

Do you seriously require label that says, “Built of US and Foreign Made Components, with final assembly in Tilsburg”, in the article???

I think if the WSJ is going to make a point about saying it’s the only American made car available, it should also point out that final assembly is in Europe.

Or if they would have just said “American” car, that would have sufficed.

Once they use the word “made”, it conjures up thoughts of manufacturing/assembly. And if they are going to highlight that, they should bring attention to the tax loopholes that Tesla gains by bringing the final assembly to Europe, so that it really is not an import. On top of that, they have a huge new facility in Tilburg, that I’m guessing will get more assembly responsibilities than just a couple things to avoid taxes.

Tilburg does very little “assembly”. They re-install the battery pack and drive unit — tasks that any Tesla service center can also do.

Let’s see what happens in April (I’m guessing Tesla will be late as usual)


I think the cars are fully built and tested in Fremont. Then disassembled and shipped to Belgium, where they are reassembled.

I might be wrong on that though. I have yet to take a tour of the Fremont factory.

Wouldn’t that make the Spark EV “made in America” – I thought final assembly with the battery pack was in the US.

Okay, so perhaps it should be characterized as an “American make” car, instead of “made”.

Maybe it was just a typo… 🙂

What’s your point.

Why are you trolling, if you know the batteries are made by Panasonic in Japan, then you know Musk is building a Giga-factory as well, and therefore the batteries will also be made in the USA.

I wonder how long it will be before Tesla becomes a permanent member of the travelling motorcade. Very interesting to think about.

Also, Americans are apparently easily identified by the large SUVs they ride in.


I’m guessing you were born sometime around the 60’s?

Would LOVE to see someone make a parody of the famous crying Native American pollution PSA, but with an EV:

Wide shot: Native American on bluff, over looking “the 5” in Los Angeles during rush hour.

Close up: noise / smoke / haze / heat ripples from dirty ICE vehicles on freeway.

Close up: Face of Native American with a single, long tear running dow his cheek. Linger.

Wide shot: Native American steps back from bluff, sadly shaking head.

Close Up: Model S / X door handle presents itself. NA’s hand opens door.

Medium Close Up: NA sits down in Tesla facing out at camera. NA looks down at dasboard as vehicle comes to life. NA looks back up and smiles wide.

Wide shot: Rear shot of Tesla driving off twards green, clean wooded area– silently, without fumes or smoke. Floating text: “A clean future begins with you.” Linger as vehicle drives away. Fade to black.

Present Tesla Logo. End.

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