Tesla Model S Paint Correction And Titanium Glass Coating – Video


Just a bit dirty I'd Say

Just a bit dirty I’d Say

Sometimes, just a simple car wash and a wax is not enough.

For those times, there are many steps to follow and a lot of time taken to get a finished vehicle that literally looks like glass.

The cost might be a little more than a 12 dollar deluxe car wash, but this is one of the best ways to protect your investment from the sun’s rays, as well as road debris that might hit the paint, trim, wheels, and windows.

You will see in the video how each step is done with before and after of this Tesla Model S.

This detailing job was done by Serge Langendoen. You can view many other detailing jobs including a few Model S’s here. 

A pressure spray. Than they begin.

The initial wash.

Tesla Model S Screen Shot -Modesta 3

Complete. “Paint correction and Modesta BC-04 titanium Glass coating”

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Great infomercial for this company. Just how much did thi cost to look shiny until they park under a bird tree again?

Doesn’t look too hard. Heck, it only took 11 minutes and 46 seconds…

And then 10 minutes later there’s a layer of dust on it


How much did that cost?

or if you need to ask you can’t afford it..

Look, it was less than 12 minutes; how much could that possibly cost? I’d say $2 per minute, or $24.

Does it make it more aerodynamic and extend the range? I have a Leaf. need more range.:)