Tesla Model S P90DL Races Modded Hellcat Challenger & Charger – Video


Tesla Racing Channel released a video in which a Tesla Model S P90DL goes up against not one, but two formidable challengers.

Video description:

Not Even Close

Not Even Close

“Back at Wilksboro Dragway for a great TNT event. Some cool guys wanted to race our Tesla P90D ludicrous so we locked in the grudge race.”

“Raced a 2015 Hellcat charger multiple times along with a new 2016 dodge hellcat Charger.”

“Usually the Hellcats are owned by people that don’t know how to use the power, these guys made well deserving e.ts for these cars on drag radials.”

But we’re those “well deserving e.ts” enough to beat the Model S? Watch the video to find out.

And of course we eagerly await to see the new Tesla Model S P100DL take on similar competition in the near future.

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Eh…1/8 mile. I have a Tesla MS 85D and I can beat either of those even in a quarter mile. The second car was modified. Note the NT on window so in test and tune they don’t show the time. In the 1/8th mile nobody can beat a Tesla unless they have a racing brake. Meaning that you don’t need to hold the brake while you hold the pedal. Just hover your foot over the accelerator. Which is what all Teslas do. They just hold in place. So the reaction time is always sub-second. Very hard in a ICE.