Tesla Model S P90DL & P100DL Tag Team Drag Race Night – Video


Why bring just one Tesla to the drag strip when you own two?

Tesla Racing Channel showed up to the strip this time with its two Teslas (Model S P90DL and Model S P100DL) to take down the competition.

“Cause one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do”

Race Time!

Race Time!

Video description:

“Bringing our 2 Tesla’s out to the Atlanta Dragway Street Car Takeover event to compete in the daily driver 11.0 index class on the quarter mile dragstrip.

The Tesla P100D and P90D should be great competitors in this class with a great reaction time and the ability to run 11.0 seconds consistently. We took on muscle cars like Chevy Camaro SS’s and Nitrous Mustangs!”

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