Tesla Model S P90D With Ludicrous Mode – Top Speed Video On Autobahn


Top Speed Test

Top Speed Test

AutoTopNL took a 2016 Tesla Model S P90D with Ludicrous mode out on the Autobahn to conduct some top speed tests.

The result is that the electric car hit its governed top speed of 155 mph in less than 30 seconds.

A Model S can’t maintain top speed for long, as overheating issues lead to power being dialed back, but still hitting over 150 mph in under half a minute is an impressive feat for an electric car.


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Mister G

Can you tell me where I can legally and safely drive 150 mph for 10 continuos minutes in the USA that is not a racetrack?


Just wanted to point out, that the title an the article is about the German Autobahn – where it is legal to do 250kph for 10 continuous minutes – Not saying that that MBS’s reply isn’t a bit of troll bait. –

But he has a valid point, and building a strawman about US road speeds and laws, doesn’t really matter that much in an article about German road speeds and laws.

That all said, when something goes wrong at 250kph, even on the Autobahn, they are going to scrap up the remains with a spoon… So it is a bit of a boundary sort of case..


There was no trolling. electriccarstv was trying to make it look like the tesla is some kind of supercar and… Mark corrected them. I think it is great we have a company like Tesla but many of us are fed up with ohhh the hype


You must be new around here. Any comment about Tesla that is not unbridled adulation is considered trolling. Ask me how I know.

Michael Will

And to put things further in perspective, average speed on the unrestricted autobahn is more like 110mph as a comfortable travel speed because not everybody drives new cars there and to stick way out from flow of traffic is a higher risk. If I had a p90dl in Germany i would probably try out the 155mph once or twice on a straight unrestricted stretch but would be closer to 110 to 130mph for normal driving. And driving in the United States is just sad.


Personally that kind of speed is stupid in the US.
I’d much rather have a top speed of 85-100mph and get the acceleration and range benefit of higher gear ratio’s.
It would increase acceleration 20% and range increase about the same or more.


“Can you tell me where I can legally and safely drive 150 mph for 10 continuos minutes in the USA that is not a racetrack?”

When you put so much restriction on it, then it becomes an impossible condition to start with.

If you remove legally or safely or USA, then it can be done….

So, the 0-60mph in 3.2S is “legally and safely” needed in the USA but the 155mph isn’t?



Ummm. Yes?

0-60 in 3.2 is legal and safe on many public roads in the US.

155 is not.

Were you serious, or did I just take the troll bait? 🙂

Mark B Spiegel

Just to put this in perspective: the Tesla’s 0-250kph time was 30 seconds; the Audi RS7P and BMW M5 both do it in slightly under 20 seconds… and they’ll run continually there without overheating.


Thanks Mark, for putting things in perspective.


There are electric race cars which are designed to do exactly that. Costs a bit more than what Tesla Motors was willing to charge for a family vehicle.


oh so now it’s a family car. Lolololololololol


I’m surprised he didn’t also say that it seats seven. 😀


Only with the right options. 🙂


what Is the gas mileage of the Audi and BMW is at those speeds? With a 20 gallon tank how much time can those really go that fast?


Long enough!

Robert Weekley

Hey Dan, I drove the M6 Motorway in England (Back in 1984 – October) From Glasgow to Manchester. I had a Hired Car (Car Rental – for Americans and Canadians!), that was just a little 1.3 Litre Ford Escort. Along the trip my friend and I were passed while driving the speed limit – plus a bit – 80 Mph, by some other little blue car – that flew by! I decided to join them in the Flight! for the next hour we drove averaging between 110 – 115 Mph, taking turns as to who was in front, than I had to stop and get gas!

So – I got a bit over an hour tops – from a car that previously had been able to drive about 3.5+ hours on a tank at usual speeds!

So – even your ICE Speed Demons – with high speeds, start to drink fuel heavily – even more than my tiny little Ford! The Hellcat Dodges Suck fuel immensely – just drag racing a Model S down the 1/4 Miles – if it’s a good race and they don’t choke!

EV Driver

They tie at 0-500kph though.


Another perspective: I posted this the other day and it also explains why the 1/4 trap speeds are so low:

“You hope the rush lasts to orbital escape velocity but, alas, it soon peters out. Roll alongside a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat at 40 mph, for example, and the Mopar beats the Tesla to 150 mph by more than six seconds.”


And the BMW and the Audi will do so while getting single-digit miles per gallon and dumping tons of GHG’s into the atmosphere, leading to mind-boggling risk to the future of our one and only planet.

Why are so many so clueless on this risk?

Here’s a tip to uninformed: When you’re in a hole, STOP DIGGING!


I have driven in Germany many times, and would agree with the last comment that 155mph is just too fast for more than a few minutes. 100mph is more like it, maybe 110-120 if you are young and aggressive. Plus your fuel consumption increases a lot, and at $6 per US gallon even M5 drivers may want to slow down to save some money.

Michael Will

2013 was the last time I drove there and then 110 is not just for he young and aggressive, that is more 120 to 130. The car I was driving in was an older car so above 110 started to be not as smooth.

Counter-Strike Cat

Really, the rich perks doesn’t think a second about fuel costs. Look at the prices of plane tickets, first class tickets are easily 10 times the price of economy class. And, they don’t care. Same for driving. Filling up 3 times for 100 € each for a travel between Frankfurt and Munich, pfff…at the same time killing another 200 € off from the expensive performance tyres and brakes…pfff…



I drove 117mph on I-5 for about 1 hour at the time…(between SF and LA) (top out at 124mph)

Yes, I did get a very expensive speeding ticket on the way back about 15 years ago..

Yes, the fuel gauge did move pretty fast as the engine was revving at 5,000rpm…

But the difference is that I can pull over and filled up gas in 5 minutes and repeat for about 2 hours more of that. (My usual MPG of 38mpg at 70mph dropped to about 24mpg during that stretch).


We have to get over the fact that electric car efficiency drops massively at higher speeds. Comparatively ice cars do not appear to be as adversely affected. This is mainly because they are so inefficient to start with and efficiency can only get so much worse.
Currently due to the huge amount of latent energy stored in a petrol tank we have cannot compete at high speeds for extended distances.


The Tesla’s just need gears and proper cooling.
All the EV racers can do continuous high load (including low speed) and/or high speed without overheating. Tesla has made huge inroads as far as pushing EVs into the mainstream and making EVs a viable performance commuter car (mostly thanks to the Supercharger network and 240v kits). But as much as people like to believe they’re the pinnacle of EV performance or engineering, they have made some serious compromises.

It’s stupid to continously run the motors way past peak torque. It’s ironic because the low rpms of DC motors forces racers to stay in its efficiency range via multiple gears. While AC motors will happily spin faster and faster while torque keeps dropping lower and lower (and this can definitely be felt), converting all those electrons into heat. “She goes to 12,000 rpms!!! Who needs more than one gear?”, says the naive…


I’ve been on the autobahn, and it’s not a big deal. It IS a big deal however, when slower traffic occupies the left lane, especially if the driver behind you flashes his lights.

Last I recall, passing on the right is technically illegal (but some people do it anyways), but so are slow pokes who don’t move right to let faster traffic pass. “Slow” being relative of course, lol

Dodge Charger SRT392 2015 on German Autobahn, 182 mph, legal
(this the more pedestrian 485hp, non-Hellcat model)