Tesla Model S P90D With Autopilot Review From Germany – Video

Tesla Model S


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Here is an extensive and detailed high-quality review of the Tesla Model S P90D in Germany.  This review could be used as base material before purchase – including walkthrough, driving and Autopilot tests.

The Tesla amazed the reviewer, who called the Model S one of the best cars ever, from the driver’s perspective.

One of the weakest point of a Tesla (but still not bad at all) are the seats. The acceleration is sometimes too overhelming and some drivers probably will be more happy with less capable versions of the car.

All the other aspects from interior, to driving, silence and more were highly appreciated.

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I think this is the right review account:


Yupe, little snafu with the hosting there out of the gate. All fixed up now, thanks IQ!

The seats are the same Recaro seats from the Mercedes E Class sans cooling. And he was not testing the seats in the middle of a heat wave.

I wonder if his review of the E Class seats are that they are adequate but prefers the Volvo seats?

Great review, just watched the whole video.

@Robb Stark: could you detail a bit more? Are the last version seats still Mercedes E seats? Or is it just the same supplier? Interesting info here 🙂

The car is for sale: (link)

Location 33102 Paderborn, Germany , Price 115900 Euro .
But in the offer it is a Model S 90D not a P 90D? What is right?

Or the same numberplate has been used twice?