Tesla Model S P90D Review And Test Drive – Video

AUG 29 2015 BY JAY COLE 11

Well, that didn’t take too long.  Wired has got its hands on a Tesla Model S P90D and has put out a first report and drive video.

Wired Turns In The First Full Tesla Model S P90D Report

Wired Turns In The First Full Tesla Model S P90D Report

Is travelling from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds really that much better (or even different) then in 3.1 seconds?  Is Ludicrous mode better than Insane?

That is the question that most of us without a McLaren 650S in the driveway, or waiting on a P90D order, have been asking.

It was no different for the folks from Wired:

“The sad thing is,” I say to my passenger while slowing down in the newest Tesla Model S, “this is becoming less fun as I get used to it.”

I stomp on the accelerator again.  The car rockets to more than 60 mph in three seconds. I grin involuntarily, again.

“I take that back.”

Much like the Consumers Report recent scoring of 103 out of 100 with the P85D, Wired gives the P90D a slightly less technical “best electric car ever made”.

Check out the full and comprehensive written review from Wired here (and yes, they are still looking for the cupholders).

Hat tip to offib!

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Cool! Did you get the one I sent in?

Oh, I see you got it.

The car of the future really does fly!

Yes. Right past Gas Stations. 😉

To me, anything below 5 seconds is all the same. I get the buzz value of superlatives like this but personally I could not care less about the difference between 2.8 and 3.1 seconds, or even between 3.1 seconds and 4.0 seconds.

I just want to see range, especially under bad weather conditions, and true care-free reliability, where besides the tires and washer fluid you don’t even remember you have a car.

It’s only a matter of time before See Through turns up and starts slamming Tesla without justification and then proceeds to ignore the gist of other people’s replies, yet respond to them anyway.

So true.

See Through has probably never enjoyed any success in his own life, so he’s got to harass everyone else. Misery loves company.

goodbyegascar said:

“See Through has probably never enjoyed any success in his own life…”

Oh I dunno, with the recent downturn in the price of Tesla stock (along with the entire stock market), maybe his presumed perpetual shorting of Tesla stock finally paid off. That is, assuming See Through actually was smart enough to cash in at that time… which admittedly appears somewhat questionable. 😉

Yes, of course the 2.8 or even the 3.1 second acceleration is purely for marketing purposes. It’s the sizzle that sells the steak and also puts Tesla as a brand on the map.
They could have made a car with more sensible acceleration but then Tesla would just be one among all the others.

Its the roll- on highway gains, more than it is about .3 seconds. EV top end typically doesnt shine. Ludicrous helps with that, passing power, etc.