Tesla Model S P90D Owner Claims 0 To 60 MPH Is Achieved In 2.81 Seconds


Tesla Model S P90D

Tesla Model S P90D

Recently, Teslarati interviewed a Tesla Model P90D (with Ludicrouse Mode option) owner who goes by the name of Pete 90D on the Tesla Motors Club forum.

Teslarati states:

“According to Pete 90D, the car has achieved 0-60 mph in 2.810 seconds using a rollout, but from a standstill it’s been as high as 3.236 seconds when tested on a street with a 1.689 degree slope. Pete claims that the car was able to reach 1.2 Gs during acceleration.”

2.81 seconds is almost exactly what Tesla claims:

Tesla Says Model S P90D With Ludicrous Mode Rips From )0To 60 MPH In 2.8 Seconds

Tesla Says Model S P90D With Ludicrous Mode Rips From )0To 60 MPH In 2.8 Seconds

Pete 90D adds:

“Ludicrous (mode) is wild. 0 to 30 mph is still about the same as the P85D, but (going from) 30 to 60 mph is really intense.”

“I always loved the high-end cars with crazy top speeds, but I haven’t owned anything that could compare to this P90D, I’ve driven a lot things with motors, from old rusted trucks, to turbo BMWs, to dump trucks and tractors, to luxury cars, but the closest to the P90D was the turbo BMW 325i.”

Check out the rest of the interview by clicking the source link below.

Source: Teslarati

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How much does Pete weigh?

Sounds like a fun math problem (figuring out how much Pete weighs).

Hopefully Pete will just disclose this “fun to figure” information 🙂

I’d take a “guttless” mode to have 300 range than doooficrus mode.

You have ruined excitement.

Well Anon, It’s no problem getting to 300 range if you drive conservatively so the driver is in control of this choice. Personally I’d rather have the choice then not.

I’d love to have one…..buy just don’t have the money to burn…

Choice or not, max range in a P90D < 90D

Get real is right, first you need to get a portable GPS and then go sixty miles an hour by the GPS, and they see what your speedo reads when the GPS is giving you sixty. I think the difference is about ten per cent. That would mean you have to go about sixty six or seven mph. Then we will see what is up. So you can rig up three cameras, one for the speedo,,one for the gps and one for the elapsed time.

Pretty sophisticated testing instrumentation and methods some of those TMC members are using and working together. This is a graph from PETE90D on TMC.
link to below pic: http://i.imgur.com/6b1wxid.png

Note that this was output from a slow/slower run.

Interesting graph.
The bright green line intercepts the red line at 2.9 seconds which is stated at the bottom of the graph to be the 0-60mph time with rollout (28cm?) so timing is started when the car is already doing 5mph (I have no problem with that, that’s how these measurments have traditionally been made since in earlier times it was not practical to time from zero) but why is the bright green line shown as 57mph rather than 60mph ?

The bright green horizontal line was my addition to show the Gs peak. Sorry for not being clear.


Actually it was slightly uphill.