Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous vs Tesla Model S P85D Insane – Drag Race Video

SEP 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 29

Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous vs Tesla Model S P85D Insane

Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous vs Tesla Model S P85D Insane

The Tesla vs Tesla battle we’ve all been waiting for.

Model S P90D Ludicrous vs P85D Insane.

Here is the DragTimes video from the battlefield – short, but be prepared for more coming soon.

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As Crazy Eddie used to say “in-sane!!!”

Count one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, etc when they take off. P90D really out accelerations for a good 5-6 seconds.

I thought the P90D got a jump on the 85, but that lead is still a lot larger than I expected.

Yeah it did get a jump. Not much but I wish they would have done another run where they were closer off the line or even with the P85D getting the jump.

+1 looks like the car that jumped won.

..never thought IEV would become this trove of drag strip people. 😉

Yup, who knew we would rather worship an all conquering performance sedan than a practical NEV or golf cart.

Why do the tail lights on the P90D flicker like that when he’s taking off?

Video record what the eye normally can’t see

L.e.d lights fool with cameras. Wish i could explain more.

Pulse Width Modulation(PWM); to save energy the LED actually blinks very quickly thus reducing the average power needed.


You beat me to it.

LEDs usually flicker on and off, just like fluorescent lights or CRT monitors. It just happens so fast that human eyes typically can’t see it (although there are some tricks you can do, especially at night, to see the flicker by moving your eyes just right) But the timing of the camera’s shutter and the flickering of the LED causes a harmonic that can be seen in a video.

Huh! And I always thought it was just cause they were running with 4-way flashers on.

Technically, LED’s vibrate at a specific frequency depending on the semiconductor doping chemistry and color of light it emits.

The typical video from 28-31fps is most likely in the range of it’s LED’s harmonics.

No, this is not the reason.

LEDs are often driven (especially in applications like automotive illumination or traffic signage) with a pulsating circuit which “strobes” the LEDs at a peak higher output intensity than they could otherwise sustain using a constant current. Your eye can’t detect the pulsation, and there are several advantages to this approach. The brightness appears greater to the human eye, the lifetime of LEDs is extended, and overall power consumption is reduced. This is also why you often see (in video) all or groups of LEDs pulsating in unison and/or in cycling patterns (e.g., various banks of LEDs being driven on their own circuit).

A video camera, recording at something like 30 frame per second, will often reveal the pulsation, as some frames will capture the LEDs on, and others off. The frame rate and pulsation will not exactly align and, when played back, the strobing effect becomes noticable. This is similar to what happens when taking video of a computer monitor, or a flourecent lamp, which (for different reasons) emit regular pulsations of light which are similarly revealed on video.

It is also similar to wheels appearing to slowly rotate backwards when a car is filmed driving forwards. As the car and wheel rotation speeds up or slows down, the wheel motion can switch to slow forward rotations then back to slow backwards rotation.

You can see it in the LEDs of the headlights of the P85D as well.

I SO want Tesla to get rolling on making the Ludicrous Parts Upgrade available as promised. I am first or second on the list at the Rocklin Service Center for that upgrade, but it has now been 9 WEEKS since the announcement and none of the service centers have an iota of information from Tesla as to WHEN…..

According to my timing measurements, the P90D is pulling away consistently for around 10 seconds after the first second of “jump start.” Given my timing of this video the “race” goes for about 12-13 seconds…meaning more than a 1/4 mile and more than 120 mph at the end?

Quietest drag race ever.

Golf clap……

Zen clap!

Sound of one hand clapping. . .

The unpaid advertising arm of Tesla (AKA DragTimes) now has a P90D in possession.

Let the Ludicrocity (Ludicrousness?) begin…

Where’s Mike Tyson when you need him?

007 373 5963 that should help u find him

I think this comes from the same guy that races the 458,Lambo, etc. So I look forward to seeing the P90D race against those same cars to see the real world difference.It looks like the road was damp? That might skew the actual performance results. And can’t wait to see an actual 10 second time slip!

We finally get to see the average car smoke a Model S! Oops, it takes a Model S to smoke a Model S {less the actual smoke}.

How about a 3 car race off set: the Tesla Model S – 60 against a 70 (single motor) and a 70D first; then the 70 and 70D against the 85 (single motor); then the 70D against the 85 and the 85D. Finally, the 85D against the P85 and the P85D; followed by the P85 against a 90D and a P90D without Ludicrous mode. Wrap it up with the P90D with Ludicrous mode against one without!

Then – pit the current baseline 70 (single motor) against the P90D with Ludicrous mode!
Take all the video, sync it for the launch- and set the edit so each car is on screen side by side by side! Should end up like a signal strength like moving bar-graph!

Basically, it is one thing to read the specs, and another to see how they play out!