Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous vs Snowmobile – Ice Race


Ice Race!

Ice Race!

It’s ice racing time (well, ice covered with a bit of snow)!

This video features a Tesla Model S P90D equipped with Ludicrous Mode facing off against a snowmobile.

It’s a rolling start race in which the Tesla easily gets the jump of the snowmobile.

Yes, we know that snowmobiles perform better on snow than on ice, but so do cars, right?

We were surprised by the race result. Were you?

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8 Comments on "Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous vs Snowmobile – Ice Race"

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LOL! P90D vs Ludicrous is becoming insane.

Not exactly a fast snowmobile.

Next up – P90D vs bicycle in Amsterdam. The bicycle is not the fastest model, but it is in its natural habitat. Were you surprised by the result?

OK, next let’s do a P90D versus a Jet Ski.

Seriously?? “yawn”

Well, will they dare to try that again with deep snow or bigger hill?

How about doing it on their “stock equipment” without the snow tires?

Or, let us do it on about 2 feet of snow and see who wins?

I love the Model S, but this is just stupid.

A 440 polaris? Really? That’s almost a kid’s snowmobile. Why not race it against one of the new 998cc turbocharged snowmobiles? Racing against a 440 snowmobile is like racing against a Ninja 250 motorcycle and claiming that the Model S can beat a sport motorcycle. Yawn.

And do it from a standing start not a rolling start.