Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous vs P85D Insane Race – Drag Race Video

OCT 14 2015 BY MARK KANE 14

Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous vs P85D Insane Race

Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous vs P85D Insane Race

One more approach to the Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous vs P85D Insane drag race made by no other than DragTimes.

Because last time the P90D got a jump, now the P85D gets the jump and well, the blue P90D needs time to catch up.

“In this race we see how the P90D Ludicrous passes the P85D Insane when the P85D gets a decent head start…”

Maybe the third time both cars will start at the same time?

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Was it that hard to repeat the race so both cars jump at the same time? … Jeeeebus
Anyway, is quite clear there is a sensible diference in acceleration between insane and ludicrous mode.

That’s’ Ludicrous …………..l o l

But you gotta recognize the reaction time was Insane.

Drag race videos: the bro equivalent of the cat picture.



Meanwhile, Rome burns…

inb4 some cry baby complains about “racing on public streets”



Yep. Because racing on public streets is super intelligent.

Especially after you kill somebody and they issue you a jumpsuit and a prisoner number. Then who’s going to be a crybaby?

Because hey, what could possibly go wrong?

Take a closer look at the public road they’re using to do this though. It’s pretty safe where they’re doing this.

Even so, Real Men race on a closed course.


There are over 100 fatal crashes every year in the US as a result of street racing. That’s 100 guys who thought everything would be ok, except it wasn’t.

Worse still when it involves some innocent person just walking on the sidewalk, or driving to work, or home to their kids.

In street racing, you simply cannot anticipate every random movement of some other entity, including animals.

Last week, driving back from Willow Spings raceway, a coyote tried to commit suicide by running right in front of my car on the freeway. Exactly halfway, in the middle of the road, he apparently thought better of it, turned around and ran back. Good thing I wasnt speeding, it would have been thousands of dollars in damages at minimum, and that’s if I didn’t lose control of the car.

Ever been in a car that hit a deer? Can be lethal, not just to the deer.

You simply cannot control these random events, and you don’t have time to respond if you’re speeding, especially if youre racing.

Street racing is incredibly stupid.

So basically, they’re pretty even depending mostly on the driver.

I guess Tesla boys can’t find anyone else to play their game. Gotta play with each other.

Doesn’t look pretty even to me. The _P90D_ passes the P90D at a pretty good pace despite the P90D getting a huge jump.

And in the prior video where the _P90D_ got the jump it just pulled steadily away. It’s a significant difference.

Yeah, except as the article title says, the race was actually between a P90D in Ludicrous mode vs a P85D in Insane mode, not another P90D.

Sorry… but it’s not a drag race without a Christmas Tree on a legal drag strip. This is a “street race”. Got a time slip?