Tesla Model S P90D (Ludicrous Mode) vs. Corvette Z06 – Drag Race Video


Corvette ZO6 Versus Tesla Model S P90D

Corvette ZO6 Versus Tesla Model S P90D

American muscle versus the American all-electric supercar, that just so happens to also be a four-door family sedan.

The Tesla Model S P90D gets the jump off the line and easily outpaces the Corvette ZO6 for the majority of the race, but the ZO6 begins gaining on the Tesla near the end and it seems the Model S just barely gets edged-out by the Vette right at the end of the 1/4-mile.

The Model S won’t always win the 1/4-mile races, but from stoplight to stoplight, it seems there no car out there that can match the mighty electric Model S.

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And for the fun aspect, it is that initial massive acceleration that is really what is fun.

Can we watch videos of a model T beating a horse and buggy…ha

Spoiler….The horse won…

It looks to me like an electric would have done a lot better in that race. 😉

If you whip the horse hard enough, it goes into Insane Mode.

Now THAT was ludicrous! ROFL

Question is, how much clutch did Vette driver burn? If it’s still running after the race, I suspect he didn’t try hard enough.

I believe some of those cars do better with automatic transmission than stick shifts…

That Vette driver was asleep at the light!

I always like to see the slips to compare response times, otherwise you’re comparing drivers more than comparing cars.

Instant torque often means the Model S moves first – the first 5-10 feet is a big difference with electric.

Not that I disagree with John, but the endless and flawless launches of electric vehicles that can be achieved by your Grandmother is kind of part of the allure.

So discounting all those races where the ICE vehicle didn’t get off to an immediate and perfect/professional start to fully maximize the petrol vehicle is kind of devaluing one of main the advantages of an EV in these sorts of racing.

Most of these races with EVs are always followed with the statement, “yeah, but the ICE wasn’t perfect, so lets keep doing ‘do-overs’ until we suss out the very pinnacle of performance in a vacuum”

Put another way, the EV is performing at near 100% perfection every time out of the gate, whereas there is only a handful of people who can get 100% out of a standard car…and no where near all the time. I don’t know, it is a weird situation – you want the best/most optimal race, but then again, I’m not sure what that actual race proves once it is finally achieved.

Not only the driver, but gas cars could get higher performance by destroying their car. I describe it in my blog, which the link seem to have disappeared.

It seems some cars are tested with such abusive manner to get better times in magazines. Car and driver’s Subaru WRX uses such technique. This brings to question the validity of those figures with gas cars. Yeah, it’s bragging rights, but if people don’t do it because it’ll shorten car’s life, it’s not meaningful. Then how do we compare EV to gas cars? All I gotta say is, gas cars suck!

Are you talking about the Launch Control which comes on Corvette Z06?

Yes, but it doesn’t sound as abusive to the clutch as what I describe in my blog post. What I describe would be holding 6000 RPM for almost 3 seconds before shifting to second gear. Video seem to show the RPM dropping almost immediately.

“Not only the driver, but gas cars could get higher performance by destroying their car”

Does L mode in the Tesla destroy its gearbox overtime? =)

Probably not.

Thanks for asking.

Actually, it does destroy the gearbox quicker, but still over tens of thousands of miles. However, the method I describe (in my blog) would destroy the clutch even for one or two runs. How quickly it gets destroyed depends on driver.

Agree … people cannot seem to grasp the fundamental superiority and simplicity of electric drive-systems. Until they experience an EV, they just seems weird.

It reminds of 1984 in college, when a friend was showing me this new weird computer in the lab that had a fruit logo and a sliding pointer. I was used to typing arcane commands in DOS or VMS or Unix … just copying a file required perfect typing, where the names and paths and syntax all had to be pre-known and correct. Any mistakes meant starting over. That was “normal”.

My friend proceeds to copy a file to the weird computer… “So you just move that little file-picture to the disk-picture?!” “Yeah”, he replied, smiling. “That’s too easy!!”, I exclaimed to this magic. “Yeah!”, he said laughing, “It’s all like that.” It was instantly obvious that all computers should work that way.

The first drive of an EV is kind of like that. 🙂

Yeah, and you want to find out all about that new rEVolutionary stuff that you start writing Pascal (back then) and study “Inside Macintosh”. I guess old habits die hard as I now write blog about SparkEV and study Inside EVs. 🙂

“Inside Macintosh” … LOL … embarrassed to say I still have all six volumes, plus the Glossary Cross-Reference. 🙂

You old fart! 😉 Ahh, but those were the days. DOS guys would drone about requiring thousands of TSRs to service event driven programming, and I’d just roll eyes. Now gas bags drone about needing 500 miles range, never mind that they only drive 50 miles or less a day most of the time. Similarities are striking.

I wonder if the Corvette Z06 driver used launch control. And even if he did, he did not appear to be paying too much attention to the lights.

Launch control requires ICE revs. I didn’t hear any.

My comment about clutch wear above is about launch control. Does Vette have it, and how many times can it be used before clutch needs replacing?

Now I see this comment. Yes, the Vette has it; see the link I posted above. But I don’t think I burns up the clutch as much as you think it does.

Well, 0-60mph is a race to a given speed… 1/4 miles is a race to a certain distance.

Two completely different things.

You can technically get ahead in the race (as people can see) but fall back in 0-60mph times.

The advantage for P90D is the fact that it is AWD and its easier control and launch that “any Grandma/Grandpa” can do it CONSISTENTLY!

But on the “race tracks”, Tesla won’t be able to keep up with the Corvette.

Doesn’t matter what happens at a race track.

Corvette just got its ass kicked by a full-sized electric car.

I said electric car.

Did it?

Who won the 1/4 miles time?

goodbyegascar (aka Tesla fanboy who couldn’t read or understand basic math and physics) said:

“Corvette just got its ass kicked by a full-sized electric car.”

Then if he actually read the article, then he would have understood the following statement.

“it seems the Model S just barely gets edged-out by the Vette right at the end of the 1/4-mile.”

And Z06 is at least 30% cheaper..


You just exposed your purpose for posting comments at the “Inside EVs” website.

You don’t believe in any of this.

And thanks for taking the bait.

It is MMF if you got half a clue.

“You just exposed your purpose for posting comments at the “Inside EVs” website”

LOL. Maybe you should get your head checked and figure out the fact that is called “inside EVs”, not “inside Tesla” or “Inside Elon’s worshiper’s club”…

LOL. Get a freaking clue.


Tell that to the writers at “Inside EVs.” They’ve got a clue. Tesla gets more coverage on this website than any other brand of EV, and for very obvious reasons.

I do not agree with that, reading this site from Europe, I can tell that taking into consideration this is a north american site, coverage about Tesla is not exagerated. It is not like there are yet many US car companies making EV’s right ?

” Tesla gets more coverage on this website than any other brand of EV, and for very obvious reasons.”

Still doesn’t make it a “Tesla fan sites”…

Good to see video of proper races in the proper venue. Thanks for the story. It is appreciated.