Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous Mode Reactions + Launch Video


With Tesla Model S P90D deliveries now well underway, some reactions to its Ludicrous Mode launch have already been posted to the Internet.

On Reddit (via Teslarati), we find this:

“This was at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Tesla showroom. I noticed a slight difference between the P85D’s Insane Mode and P90D’s Ludicrous Mode; while both definitely pin you to your seat at launch, the P85D’s effect seems to taper off before you get to 60 mph and the whole sensation of being pushed back in your seat is negligible as it hits and passes 60 mph.

Ludicrous mode, the sensation of being pinned to your seat is stronger; I was in the passenger seat when the Tesla rep launched it; my stomach felt as if I was going on a straight drop on a roller coaster and my vision seemed to grey out for a bit …

Not only are you pinned at the initial launch, you are still pinned to your seat as the speed approaches near 60, at 60, and well into the ~70 mph range …”

Tesla Model S P90D

Tesla Model S P90D – Line Below P90D Indicates Ludicrous Mode

And over at Tesla Motors Club forum, this was posted (via USAFsparky):

“The P85D is definitely INSANE 0-30 MPH then the pull drops off considerably…..It’s still unlike any Sedan on the road today…..EXCEPT the P90D. I wasn’t sure what the difference would be or if one could really quantify it – BUT you can.

The pull off the line is greater than 1G now and its all the way through 60 MPH. Seriously, its all you can do to hang on to the wheel and keep your eyes open. I recommend making sure your seat is where you want it because that force will push you back in the cracks of your seat. The first time I hit 75 MPH, I had to let off and just pull over and think about what just happened. I should have eaten breakfast first because I was a little nauseous after the first run and the fact that I was still getting the blood circulation back to my face said a lot.

I can only compare the feeling to a very serious amusement park ride where you just have to sit for a minute and get yourself back together. I think the passenger’s perspective will be different since they are just along for the ride and wont know what to expect and that is what is just LUDICROUSLY going to be the fun part. Going to get a few friends together for a trip to the store……LOL”

Lastly, here’s video of the P90D with a Ludicrous launch near the end (some NSFW language in the credits at end of video):

via Teslarati

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P90D Ludicrous Mode is going to have the exotic sports & luxury ICE go-fast car makers lose sleep over how best to respond to this.

Marketing wise for Tesla: A brilliant move…literally priceless.

True, but I find it a bit disturbing that such a vehicle is freely available for sale. You’ve got a 4500lb vehicle that can go so fast that the unsuspecting driver actually runs a genuine, if small, risk of blacking out. Not cool.

And it’s not out-of-reach. This isn’t a $1M McLaren. This is something that any median-income household with excellent credit and a 7-year loan term can buy.

As this performance race continues, I would not be surprised if EVs will be limited to 1g acceleration, by law – similar to speed governors.

TomArt said: “…And it’s not out-of-reach…”

That’s exactly the point of the Model S…

and it’s forcing a profound re-think of EVs for both consumers and car makers.

No need for law to be involved, the maximum acceleration on asphalt with a street legal tire is 1 to 1.1g. That’s just physics.

A Koenigsegg Agera can do 1.6g’s on street legal tires, and many other cars can do 1.5g’s. Also the new One:1 is said to be able to hit 2.0g’s on road legal tires.

Disappointing. Music sucked (sorry, I hate Rap; unless it’s Weird Al doin’ “Amish Paradise”), and you CAN’T SEE ANYTHING WHEN THE VEHICLE LAUNCHES. WTF???

Grrr. Hopefully better videos surface soon…

Anon said: “…Hopefully better videos surface soon”

With Ludicrous, Tesla will have amped-up both Tesla customers generating Tesla commercials & prospective customers eagerly seeking and consuming those commercials.

Biggest gotcha for Tesla I see is government/law bureaucrats deciding it should not be lawful for a car maker to provide citizens access to this much enjoyment/acceleration on public roads…that driving needs to be more of a drab event. Also, Ludicrous could threaten the amusement park business if you have Tesla P90D owners offering free launch rides!


Music didnt suck

Played it again, to double check…

Yup, still sucked. 😛

sucked really hard.

Why do they still feel the need to miss-lead, or lie, about the power?

“259 hp front, 503 hp rear motor power”

The new half-shafts of the Fiat 500L could be good for “500 hp front”, but you don’t see them advertising “500 hp shaft power”.

Okay, I’ll bite: What is untruthful about the claims?

..that, unlike the other AWD/RWD Teslas, Tesla neither provides an actual output HP rating for the P85/P90, nor has anyone got the dyno testing results to verity what power is coming from shafts, or wheels.

“691HP” vs. testing:
US dyno by Brooks 413: http://www.dragtimes.com/2015-Tesla-…phs-27143.html

DK dyno 430: http://teslaforum.dk/ow_userfiles/pl…Tesla_Dyno.png

FIN dyno 460:http://www.teslaclub.fi/blog/22/P85D…testiss%C3%A4/

Problems actually finding the P85D’s 691hp, or P90D’s implied 762hp, shouldn’t be Greek to an EV website. All should be fair in selling cars. Tesla shouldn’t have claimed 691, any more than Ford should have claimed “47mpg” for its CMax.

I’m not cheering on class action lawsuits, but the slack has got to stop somewhere.

pjwood1 said:

“Problems actually finding the P85D’s 691hp, or P90D’s implied 762hp, shouldn’t be Greek to an EV website. All should be fair in selling cars. Tesla shouldn’t have claimed 691, any more than Ford should have claimed ’47mpg’ for its CMax.”

I’ve seen claims that Tesla has claimed a misleading combined horsepower from two motors, because — according to the claim — the car’s battery pack and inverter can’t deliver that much power. But in this case, the power rating for each motor is cited separately — and hopefully those figures are accurate.

Seems to me, pjwood1, that you’re squawking when you haven’t been bit. Just because Tesla lists power ratings for the P90D’s two motors doesn’t mean they’re “implying” the car’s maximum horsepower is the sum of the two figures. You may have wrongly inferred that, but that’s not Tesla’s fault.

Dear InsideEVs editors:

Why can’t we comment on the latest Gigafactory article? 🙁

…that is a darn good question, you should be able to comment on anything and everything here.

Don’t have a good answer for you on why you can’t on that one, but I’ll work on it/attempt to get that fixed. Very strange indeed.

Thanks Jay!

Perhaps the video must be pulled due to profanity at the end of it.

Hey MB,

Didn’t notice the NSFW language in the credits (who watches those, lol), we will put a note in the story as a heads-up.


*lol*… why on earth would a video be pulled for such a silly reason.

Are you 8 years old Michael? What on earth are you doing complaining about profanity? ROFL

Truly an impressive accomplishment by Tesla. But subjecting one’s body to such stresses is probably not a good idea on a regular basis! At least bystanders aren’t forced to breathe clouds of fumes, however.

Oh yes, having your body experience 1 g of acceleration is terrible! Oh, wait….you experience 1 g laying in your bed.