Tesla Model S P90D Does 0 To 60 MPH In 2.85 Seconds – Video

SEP 28 2015 BY MARK KANE 16

Tesla Model S P90D

Tesla Model S P90D

DragTimes pushing its brand new Tesla Model S P90D to the limit without mercy.

The fruit of this labor are these acceleration results:

  • 0-60 mph in 2.854 seconds

  • 0-100 mph in 7.760 seconds

Of course, that’s in Ludicrous mode.

Tesla Model S P90D Does 0 To 60 MPH In 2.85 Seconds

Tesla Model S P90D Does 0 To 60 MPH In 2.85 Seconds

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Should come in handy beating that Prius into the last close parking space at Whole Foods. 🙂


You laugh, but the new Prius has electric AWD in higher trim levels…

They’ve gone plaid!

I noticed the Tesla cameras saw that the speed limit was 45mph when this driver was going over 80mph, and kept going to 100mph.

P85D insane mode was supposedly tested with about 1ft of lead-in, resulting in 0.2 seconds quicker time compared to standing start. If P90D ludicrous mode did the same, that would mean 0-60 standing start would be 3.0sec instead of 2.8sec claimed by Tesla. Are we now back to 2.85sec?


Not on a drag strip? These times mean nothing.

I know the car is fast. I’m not denying that. But who knows how flat this road is.

Just wait. With the X you will be able to do this while towing a trailer. All it needs are rocket launchers to be truly lethal.

That is a Racelogic GPS Performance box on the windshield. Same thing many magazines use. I have made hundreds of runs at the drag strip, and the unit is accurate enough to pick up lane variances at times. You can set the 1 Ft rollout or delete it. So hard to say what this tester used. Based on the time, I would bet he used the 1 foot roll out setting, which helps by a couple tenths of a second usually.(although it would be awesome if this wasn’t with the rollout enabled) The -1 percent slope shows the run was going down hill though. When you go though the data, it will show it without the 1FT rollout also on some of the logs the software prints out. So we have to talk to the tester to verify exactly what he did. Its really too bad the tester couldn’t have run the full quarter mile so we could see how much better the trap speed is than the 115mph I tested a few weeks ago on a P85D with my Racelogic Performance Box. My results were: 11.7 sec Quarter Mile 115 mph trap speed 7.5 sec 1/8 mile at 94.4… Read more »

Anyone know if all the four wheel drive models are using the same drivetrains?
(hope it is YES)

No. The 70D and 85D model S use the “small” 259 hp motors in front and rear. P85D and P90D use the small motor in the front and a 503 hp motor in the rear.

Total system power for all Model S vehicles are less than combined motor power, so you can’t simply add the motor power.

I hate to burst your bubble but car speedometers are out by 10 % so that was 0 to 54 in 2.85 seconds. Want proof? Get a gps and see what speed you are really driving at when you are supposed to be driving at 60 MPH.

Speedometer accuracy will vary by car, but you’re correct that they’re frequently off.

The “Results Valid” screenshot indicates the times come from a VBOX, which uses GPS to track speed, not the car speedometer.

A car with a zero to sixty time or less than three seconds will, as a rule, not help get you laid [1]. It will, however, distract you from that unfortunate fact for a good many Saturday nights, and you don’t even have to own one to reap those benefits.

[1] excepting cars over $1M.

It’s even faster if you use a giant slingshot to launch.