Tesla Model S P85D Zips Down Runway In Berlin – Video


Tesla Model S P85D In Berlin

Tesla Model S P85D In Berlin

Hit up this link to check out a Tesla Motors video of the Model S P85D accelerating down a runway in Berlin.


The Tesla Model S P85D stormed its way onto European soil in mid-November.

There, on a runway in Berlin, the P85D strutted its stuff to a 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 MPH) time of 3.4 seconds.

Tesla Model S P85D In Europe

Tesla Model S P85D In Europe

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10 responses to "Tesla Model S P85D Zips Down Runway In Berlin – Video"
  1. DonH says:

    How many guys were in that car? At first it looks like two then at the end it looks like two in the back? 3.4 secs with more than one is pretty quick.

  2. Joachim says:


  3. Spec9 says:

    No, I’m not gonna make a blitzkrieg joke.

  4. See Through says:

    Wonder why it is always some runway. Is it the poor handling that keeps it from race tracks?
    Time for it to try the Nurburgring and check if it beats the Toyota Prius.

    1. Jouni Valkonen says:


      1. Phr3d says:


        for someone whose needle is so obviously stuck?

        Regarding straight lines, I -would- like to see a shootout between the MS and the i8 on one of the mile-ish tracks that BMW is showcasing their EV-boosted ICE i8 car.

        oops, my needle is stuck..

    2. Big Solar says:

      Why do you expect a 5 to 7 passenger 4 door family sedan to handle like a race car? Are you that dense? It already beats everything GM and Toyota have.

  5. pjwood says:

    Story is getting older. They went, opened orders, and Tesla is now back to a 3-4 month wait.

  6. Tesla Fan says:

    g** d***

  7. Kai says:

    Since Tesla Motors shows once again that not only large car manufacturers can build good electric cars.
    I suspect only the Audi R8 e-tron will be able to command the new Model S unit ..