Tesla Model S P85D vs Radical RXC Turbo 500 – Drag Race Video

FEB 6 2016 BY MARK KANE 26

Drag Race Tesla Model S P85D vs Radical RXC Turbo 500

Drag Race Tesla Model S P85D vs Radical RXC Turbo 500

Sportauto put a Tesla Model S P85D against a Radical RXC Turbo 500 in the 1/4 mile drag race.

For folks like us, it’s not that important whether Tesla wins or loses against a race machine, but the fact that after years of deriding electric cars by petrol heads, we see an electric car against an internal combustion engine race car.

And moreover, an electric family sedan against a racer.

It’s a pleasure to see that the results are comparable:

  • Radical RXC Turbo 500 – 11.4 seconds @ 212 km/h (132 mph)
  • Tesla Model S P85D – 11.9 seconds @ 180 km/h (112 mph)

Most of the petrol heads probably don’t realize yet what EVs will be able to do against ICE racers in the next decade.

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Google shows MSRP of about $170K for RXC against about $120K (less in US) for P90D. It’s not fair to compare “cheap” EV to overpriced track car. Tesla didn’t lose anything.

And that comparably priced car comparison should be held to all EV. If all or most EV kick butt of all cars in their price range, that’ll shut up gas bags (as you call petrol heads). Unfortunately, only SparkEV post subsidy and Tesla P90D qualify in 0-60 mph for now. More unfortunately, I don’t see EV makers other than Tesla putting any emphasis on performance.

Good point! My calculations indicate that the RXC gets you 118% of the P85D’s performance at 148% of the P85D’s price, to say nothing of the long term operating cost differences.

Umm, i3 BEV? Are there any mid $35K ICE vehicles that can match the i3 BEV 0-60 mph?

With its light weight and sophisticated suspension, the i3 BEV is more of a performance vehicle than the SparkEV, IMHO.

Subaru WRX (27K) and STi (35K) outperform i3 with 0-60 in 5 second range vs 6.5 for i3, and that’s just from one manufacturer. Then there’s VW GTI and on and on.

I’m talking about cost comparable. i3 is almost double the price of SparkEV, both after subsidy, so you shouldn’t compare i3 to $15K car like SparkEV (or Corolla). i3 is great for sporty EV, but not when you consider the price.

Another thing is weight. i3 weighs 2799 lb (google), SparkEV weighs 2866 lb (Chevy web site), only 67 lb different. SparkEV is only 2.4% more. It seems strange; I thought i3 would be much less with carbon and all compared to pretty-much-gas-car SparkEV.

Why not the P90D? It has a 1/4 mile in the low 11s.

Because the race car would have lost to a P90D ludicrous.

I’m very pro-electric but these are silly comparisons. The radical is a road race car, not a drag race car. Test the Radical vs the Tesla in its element… a road course…and the Tesla will be left for dead. Might as well race a speed boat and a sea plane…

Electric road race cars exist… Put one of them up vs the radical. That would be meaningful, and demonstrate where electric tech needs to improve in this arena. I’ve looked into buying an electric track car… They’re available, but still too limited for me

Some guy is trying to make race car using SparkEV, and documenting his progress in forum. One of the most annoying thing is the fake noise maker. Unlike silentt Leaf, SparkEV makes fake noise from some speaker somewhere under hood when put into R, D, or L.

“Spark EV – An affordable electric racecar (my build thread)”


Now can you imagine some P90D owner makes race car out of it? That’ll be funny, scary (baby on board sticker in back?), cool all at once.

As you stated the Radical is not a purpose built drag race car. But you failed to mention that neither is the Tesla, it is a family sedan capable of living in the wild on the streets where we drive.

True enough… but what family sedan needs this power? Stop light Grand Prix is pointless, though I realize pitching excess capacity that is virtually useless is a mainstay of automotive advertising.

Agreed. Aside from the mine is bigger faster etc. Bragging rights, 700 HP. Car’s are not needed. Wanted perhaps but not needed. While I can appreciate robust throttle response, The tendency to view a vehicles worth based on only the 0-60 and or strait line performance metric is Short sighted.

YES.. I agree. Like against Like. Say one of the Pikes Peak Electrics which did so well this last year. That would be FUN.

Tesla wins off the line. With a 20mph trap speed advantage the Radical must kill the Tesla on power to weight ratio. Tesla just needs about 250 more HP to jump from 112 mph to 132 mph traps.

Bought a P85D to a P90DL fight.


Good One!

What’s next? A Model S against an alcohol burning funny car? These type of comparisons are pointless. There is always something faster.

It is just a fun little video we came across morning that we thought we would pass on.

Not everything here is serious/making a statement about the tech, sometimes it is just a couple minutes of mindless entertainment, (=

Plus one

Nice race. The Tesla beat the Radical to city and highway speed limits. That’s what matters to me.

How about an electric radical

Much better…

It is pretty interesting that in only its second car, Tesla is already competing with supercars.

I agree, and I think it points out that Telsa’s original and continuing contention that the Tesla is a superior form of transportation vrs. ice is correct and fully realized.

All that noise for a useless car that cannot be even drive for a small trip…… I think it shows the end of ICE cars.

It is Ragnarok for ice.