Tesla Model S P85D vs P85 Acceleration Test – Video


P85D on the left, P85 on the right.

P85D (Left) & P85 (Right) acceleration results.

“Real-life acceleration test to compare Tesla Model S P85D and P85. Both tests were done on unrestricted German autobahn. The P85D had a slight disadvantage though, but still performed better than P85.”

Bjørn Nyland’s latest Tesla Model S thriller shows us how fast both 85 kWh Performance models are in a real-life side-by-side comparison.

The frame on the left half in the video above is of the latest P85D (Dual Motor AWD) accelerating to its top speed, while the frame on the right half is of Bjørn’s P85 RWD Model S.

Both vehicle tests had pros & cons, as you will hear explained towards the end of the video. Things like different road & tire conditions, & that Bjørn did not mash his accelerator pedal within a split second, while the P85D had a slight incline.

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Would have been better if the tests were done identically. 🙁

P85D guy didn’t even apparently hold it down to the metal! Also, cool to see the 480kw on the D. Every automaker: Just put log base 2 power dials in your cars. HP or kW, none of this brain-destroying percentage crap.

Forgot to say, every automaker do it like Tesla. Log base 2 power dials with real units EXACTLY LIKE TESLA. If you do it some other way it will be wrong.