Tesla Model S P85D vs Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG (More Drag Race Video)

JAN 24 2015 BY TDILLARD 39

More Tesla drag racing.  Right?  So this is the video we’ve been waiting to see, filmed on the same day as the Hellcat thrashing.  There’s a snippet with some details from the Drag Racing Times guys, here, where we learn the times (Race 1: P85D: 11.69 @ 115.18 MPH, E63s: 11.77 @ 120.25 MPH;  Race 2: P85D: 11.76 @ 114.89 MPH, E63s: 11.72 @ 120.76 MPH) …and some interesting news on the Tesla:

“We’re very interested to see how the P85D performs after Tesla Motors releases additional high end power via an upcoming software update.   We’re estimating 11.4 @ 120+ MPH which should keep the Model S P85D from getting passed so easily by its competitors at highway speeds.”

Do tell? Enjoy the video, and hold out for halfway through when they switch to Race 2, and the rear-facing camera on the Tesla.  (Note to photographers: Always place a rear-facing camera in a drag race.  Front facing?  Not so much.)

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Martin Tesar

Telsa does it in near silence, with a few more tweaks I’m sure they will get some more top end speed.


I know T3SLA does not have infinite resources, but at some point– it would be cool of them to make an EV built specifically for drag racing…

It would be a great Technology Demonstrator, R&D and PR project.

Jouni Valkonen

I think that Tesla should make as a side project a demonstration of all electric heavy hauling tractor unit.

This could be a great argument for electric transportation discussion if it could be a proof of concept that all electric 60 ton trucks are feasible or nearly feasible already today. This might give also politicians some information on where EV incentives should be directed.

We already have tons of ultra fast custom made electric drag racing cars, but we do not have even a single all electric 60 ton truck.


That’s a good point…

Micke Larsson

They won’t do that since they know 60-ton BEV trucks are not feasible nor near feasible today. And won’t be for a long time to come.

So far the only feasible or near feasible solutions that are (or can be) non-fossil are fuel cells, overhead wires or biofuels.


Not true, it perfectly feasable, the problem it will be very expensive at the moment! Like 20x the cost in batteries alone of the Tesla Model S. That’s a lot of cars not on the road just to build a demonstrator that no haulage company could afford to buy.

Robert Weekley

How About this – First All electric Garbage Truck – http://insideevs.com/u-s-first-electric-garbage-truck-gets-revealed/ – found right here on this site!
on board storage = 200 kWh (=~ 2 x Model S60 + 1 X Model S85); Charging = 3 x 60 kW,on-board! ‘Only’ 375 Hp, but 2,200 Ft. Lbs Torque!

“Called the ERV (Electric Refuse Vehicle), this electric garbage truck features 10 battery packs. Its range is 60 miles and it’s got enough juice on board for 70 compaction cycles.”

It could well be that Tesla could build one that had 100 miles range, and do more Compaction Cycles! (The Times when the engine runs hard with the hydraulic pumps, now driven electrically, of course).

See More on the BYD Truck, here – http://insideevs.com/byd-t5-electric-truck-spotted-china/ – and the 18 Ton Electric Beer Truck in the comments – at the bottom (with Video, and links in my comment there)!

Robert Weekley

Carlsberg Group’s Beer Truck News:

“The delivery truck can drive for approximately 300 km on one charge, and the energy consumption of the truck is on average 100 kWH per 100 km on highways. The battery charging time for the trucks is six hours. Feldschlösschen will fuel the electric truck with hydroelectricity.”

A Step Here, a Step There, and the needle will gradually move in the direction of EV Trucks where suited, as batteries improve, and the ‘Where Suited’ part will expand as batteries improve both in Energy Density, Power, and Cycle Life!

Of course – driving today in an EV Truck from Nova Scotia, to San Diego, will be a bit of a challenge (Power, Range, Recharging Infrastructure, Cycle Life, etc.), all these elements are dynamic, and other things are happening – like shorter runs needed due to Green Houses used to grow crops otherwise brought in from California, etc. Also – many large companies have distribution Warehouses on the City outskirts, from which a 300+ mile range truck is not needed, as for long haul it is.

Robert Weekley

Nice Numbers on the Balqon truck – “65 Mph Tops Speed, 125 Mile Range, Towing up to 25 tons, 4-6 Hours Charging!” Plus – “Proprietary liquid cooled 240 kW Inverter, Lithium battery pack @ 320 kWh”


“I know T3SLA does not have infinite resources, but at some point– it would be cool of them to make an EV built specifically for drag racing…

LOL. Tesla is already specifically built for drag racing. That is why it is geared so low for 0-60mph times…


LOL no. It’s built to be a huge family sedan that weighs about 5000 lbs.. The fast acceleration is mainly due to using an electric drivetrain. A vehicle built specifically for drag racing, would have better weight to power ratio, etc..


Who cares whether a zooming nissan-look-alike wins against a merc 63 amg – it ‘s still a nisssan-look-alike, and listen… it zooooms! You geeks are hilarious


We get it. You’re a poser. I’m sure you’ll look great in the Tesla’s rear-view mirror!




There is no nissan that looks like the Tesla rofl

an E-Class is one of the most boring/basic/generic cars on the road

AMG = A Massive Guzzler

Three Electrics

Before the 85D, when Tesla would lose all of these matchups, we didn’t see much press. Now, all of a sudden, drag racing is important. In reality, these results don’t carry over to daily driving much, if at all.

Pro electric

Spot on. In real life driving the Tesla is faster. The Tesla was much quicker off the mark and was a fair way ahead of the E63 at the time they reached the legal speed limit for most countries.

“In gear” acceleration for Tesla also better because there is no delay changing down to be at the engines peak output, just point and shoot.


Press = free advertising for T3SLA.

If Drag Racing A-Holes are compelled to buy the latest, fastest production sedan in the world that’s also capable of 105 MPGe– then I’m happy they’re not still using filthy oil powered clockwork for propulsion. The switchover may be for the wrong reasons, but at least it’s happening.

Soon, we should see the firmware update for the S P85D, then the Model X debut and production ramp up…

2015 will be a very good year for EVs. 🙂

Roy LeMeur

Drag Racing A-Holes?


Yes. One if the worst carbon consumers there is. Next to people who smoke.


HEY, I’m a welder and sometime I smoke.
It’s bad enough when I do, please don’t hate me when I catch fire 🙁


Al Gore’s jets, yachts, and houses consume far more.

So at least now we know which one is the bigger A-hole. 😉

Roy LeMeur

So… this makes any type of racers using ICEs A-Holes. Boat, airplane, motorcycle, lawnmower, etc. OK… Gotcha

Roy LeMeur

Racing results _do_ carry over to vehicle sales figures.

When the P85D came out, a whole mess of Tesla owners put their cars up for sale and ordered a P85D. If they have stupid money they just ordered a P85D and kept the one they already have 🙂

The old saying is- “win on Sunday, sell on Monday”.


“We’re very interested to see how the P85D performs after Tesla Motors releases additional high end power via an upcoming software update. We’re estimating 11.4 @ 120+ MPH which should keep the Model S P85D from getting passed so easily by its competitors at highway speeds.”

Even with the software update the P85D would still lose to the AWD Nissan GTR a.k.a. Godzilla. Just sayin’.

Godzilla beat a Tesla Model S by clocking a 11.371 second 1/4 mile with a 123.43 trap speed at an elevation of 6000 feet. Godzilla would post faster times/speed at sea level.



“elevation of 6000 feet”

who the **** cares about how high you are rofl

Roy LeMeur

Aerodynamic drag cares about what the elevation is.

We would like to race EVs in vacuum if possible.

ICEs not so much 🙂

Roy LeMeur

How high are you? 🙂

Warren M

So close. Im hoping the Tesla does get some better top end…so it can decisively win against the C7 and C63 every time in the quarter mile. Right now they are running down the P85D very quickly near the end of the quarter mile. A 120mph trap would be much more competitive. The fastest I trapped at was 132.7mph. (See Dragtimes, 2008 335i..Hotrod182 ). The P85D would need about 150hp more to equal that trap at least at the top end.

Roy LeMeur

Trap speed has no bearing on the outcome of a drag race. Only elapsed time.

Due to the immediate torque delivered by EVs, they tend to trap at a slower speed than ICEs.


“Due to the immediate torque delivered by EVs, they tend to trap at a slower speed than ICEs.”

The slower trap speed is all due to the short gearing ratio.

If Tesla has more than 1 gear or slightly different gearing ratio, it would have achieved higher trap speed but slower 0-60mph time due to the weight…

Warren M
I have literally hundreds of 1/4 mile runs. Honestly. I had the quickest 335i in the country for at least a year. Physics states you have to a certain amount of average HP throughout the run to trap a certain speed with a vehicle of a certain weight. As long as it is a “clean” run, the car with the higher trap speed has the potential to run the quicker quarter mile “if” it can hook up. Case in point, the Hellcat can get a mediocre 60′ time (launch), and get beat by the P85D. However, it traps a good 10mph faster, and with traction, can run in the 10’s. It is theoretically possible. It is not possible for the P85D to run 10’s in its current configuration. The trap speed shows it doesn’t have the acceleration at the back half of the quarter mile. In general, for my 3500lb BMW at the drag strip, the following was true: 100 lb weight reduction=1mph higher trap speed 10horse power gain=1mph higher trap speed. 1mph trap speed= .10 sec quicker trap (with same 60ft time. .10 seconds off your 60′ time= .20 seconds off your quarter ET. Again, that is just changing… Read more »

It would “walk away” from the Tesla after it catches it, because the Tesla still has instant response.

Roy LeMeur

Been skooled. Well done Elroy 🙂


I think they should build a pace car for nascar races. Thar would be a statement!

Roy LeMeur

Another drag racing video without even a mention of NEDRA. NEDRA is the _only_ sanctioning body keeping official records for electric drag racing. NHRA does not.

National Electric Drag Racing Association

Ford Prefect

Has anyone pit a Tesla P85D against a Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS ED on a drag strip? This actually sounds like a job for Top Gear…