Tesla Model S P85D vs Lamborghini LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale – Race Video


DragTimes is at it again.

This time ’round, the Tesla Model S P85D is taking on the Lamborghini LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale.

The P85D leaps of the line quicker than any car we’ve ever seen, but its lacking top-end means that it’s easy to catch over a distance.

Let's Race!

Let’s Race!

*Editor’s Note: Racing should be done only on the track.  Do not attempt street racing on public roads.

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Come on guys, then next thing you’ll know is that they will compare the P85D to the Formula 1 cars! And say that the Tesla is no good since the F1 beat it.

About the same results as all these cars that trap 122-130 mph in the quarter compared to the Tesla’s 116mph. (AMG, M5, 458, RS7, Hellcat, etc). They will win from FWY speeds)

How about the RIMAC Concept One ? 0 – 300 km/h in 12 Seconds. That is something like 0 – 187 miles per hour in 12 Seconds.


For the U.S. Rimac is an EV

To be precise: An Kroatian EV. Made in Europe. Topspeed 325 KM/H or 203 mph. And 0-100 km/h (0-62,5 mph) in 2.8 seconds. Why do you look always for weaker cars in Tesla comparisons ? I dont get it. Try a Rimac

They couldn’t have edited out the false start?


Looks like a public street they’re racing on. That’s pretty stupid. Felony in some states. Car gets confiscated in most. Crushed usually.



Be a hero. Take it to the track instead.

It is good to know that it takes a quarter of a million dollar ICE car to beat a Tesla.

Even then, the Tesla still beats the quarter of a million dollar sports car well past the legal speed limit for every road in the US.

All while having enough space to seat 5+2 +cargo, and use zero gas.

Still a win for Tesla from that perspective. Even in losing the race, Tesla comes out the clear winner.

They are both losers. If any bystanders ever get hurt, add a few more losers, maybe of life or limb. Everyone’s family loses too.

Instead of being called “doctor” or “attorney” or “engineer” they will be called “prisoner 43849” by the system and “my b1tch” by their new roommate.

Hand the guy a business card and say “meet me at the track”

Then they won’t call you “stupid”.

In California, it’s a $500 fine *just to watch* no kidding.

The track is way more fun.


Everything I hear from EV fans is that they want EV’s to go mass market. I’m not a big fan of street racing, but this IS what the mass market looks like.

You have to take the bad with the good. You can’t have EV’s go mass market, and have them magically be the only cars in the mass market without “kill” videos.

You are going to have to get used to it. This is far from the worst example I’ve seen of street racing. Save the outrage for folks who street race light-to-light on crowded streets (regardless of whether they are EV’s or gas cars).

I think it’s long past time for Jay to knock off the ‘Editor’s Note: Racing should be done only on the track. Do not attempt street racing on public roads.’ “Nudge, nudge, wink, wink – we really don’t mean it, and will keep showing them racing on public streets until someone gets killed very publicly.” Let’s see the editor show that they mean what they say instead of just providing lip service to cover their butts from potential lawsuits, by refusing to post any such articles or links showing street racing. In the meantime, I’ll post this link, showing the young woman who was killed recently (1/26) here in the Bay Area, by two jackasses racing. She was pinned against the tree by the Altima – you can see part of the yellow tarp covering her body in the photo: http://cdn.abclocal.go.com/content/kgo/images/cms/493764_1280x720.jpg


It’s time for ievs.com and other EV blogs to stop providing encouragement to idiots by giving them a forum to show off their idiocy.

Was this after the P85D software update or before?

Video was posted Jan 4.