Tesla Model S P85D vs Ferrari 458 Speciale – Drag Race Video


Unfair Matchup?

Unfair Matchup?

“It’s the battle of this time! Conventional engines versus unconventionally hybrid engines. The Ferrari 458 Speciale, equipped with an insane loud Fi-exhaust versus the most powerful Tesla, called Model S P85 D. These cars are the superlative of both categories. The Ferrari is customised by JP Performance GmbH. It sits on R3 Wheels and sounds like a good old V8 Formula 1 Car.”

States the video description.

Of course, the Tesla Model S is not powered by an “unconventionally hybrid” engine, but we’ll let that slip.

The P85D does well in beating the custom Ferrari off the line, but we think it’s high curb weight and limited top end speed/power does it in.

Please feel free to turn down the volume.  That Ferrari, with it custom exhaust, sounds ridiculous.


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Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never understood the appeal of burning rubber as a method of showing off. Are we really supposed to be impressed that someone can throw away money buying a new set of tires a lot more often than necessary? And when it’s done to the point of creating clouds of visible air pollution, it’s even worse.

I enjoy watching the Indy 500 and other open wheel racing, but I find this just obnoxious.

Again, maybe that’s just me. I would welcome seeing other opinions.

No, not just you. I appreciated how fast the Ferrari was, but the driver’s after race antics showed what an idiot he is.

Tire smoke is a carcinogen. Why people don’t mind breathing it in is a mystery to me. I avoid it like the plague. But then again, some people like the smell of high-octane gasoline.

I think virtually all of us who come onto this site are more than over watching these videos of Tesla vs (insert whatever burns the most fuel in a quarter of a mile), we get it, the Tesla has great acceleration and is Electric.

Unless of course you have the IQ of a potato in which case you will probably never tyre (note the pun) of them !

I find them interesting and I’m not really into drag racing. Once we get more fast EVs, I’m sure it will be more than just Tesla on the line. In fact there were some i8 races.

Tesla wins some, loses some, but they are always first of the line and ahead for the first few seconds. That’s impressive to me considering it’s a production car for families, that seats 5 adults, and in many cases is hundreds of thousands of dollars less than what it is racing.

I still like them. One of the most important thing Tesla has done and continues to do is to reshape the mindset of what people think about when they think of an electric car. For the longest time ever, they were assumed to be slow. I remember when I first brought home my Leaf back in 2011. A guy in a parking lot asked me “How fast can it go? I bet it only goes, what like, 45 mph tops? ” He was amazed when I told him you could drive it on the highway. So these sorts of videos continue to dispell that sort of nonsense.

I’m not going to lie, I enjoy it

take any other manufacturers luxury sedan and put it up against a Ferrari? nuts!
We need to remember this is a family sedan beating most supercars, losing to a few.
Put some water on that track and then see what happens.

Then the Ferrari goes back on the trailer to get towed back to the garage. Eight hundred dollars for tires and a gallon of racing fuel poorer.

Meanwhile, the Tesla driver just grabs a latte and drives home. Plugs in to replace the thirty five cents worth of electricity he squandered.

Sounds like the last big scream of the old Tiger to protect its territory. This time it worked out, but the youngsters getting stronger every year.
I’m sad for the old Tiger… poor, poor thing. Shh, shh my friend. The time comes for all of us 😉

I always get excited seeing electrc cars drag racing, so keep them coming!

How many such modified Ferrari models are there on any public road? Heck, I “lost” a couple of weeks ago to a significantly modified Corvette running full drag slicks at my local Sacramento drag strip, BUT the P85D is, as noted, a full family sedan, running everyday all-season tires (in my case anyway). How many daily drivers, Ferrari included, can “take me” running in everyday street trim?

These videos crack me up… it is clear that the supercars are threatened greatly by the electric sedan. The Tesla is a far more useful, wonderful, modern marvel of a car… versus the dino burners. Any of them. I have driven many exotics… and while they are fun initially… driving over driveways without an air suspension that knows how to keep the air dam out of the gravel is stupid… They require bad parking across multiple spaces to keep the esoteric body from getting dinged up… they are maintenance nightmares… requiring tweaks all the time.

So… like many beautiful things… way to high maintenance for me. I’ll take a Tesla over them any day,

Ferrari drivers around the world are thanking the heavens that Tesla’s next vehicles are the X and Model III, and not a big dollar dedicated exotic performance 2-door supercar.

Our Zombie 222 all electric 1968 Mustang Fastback will eat them both for breakfast. Check out this video of our 1/4 mile race of a new Tesla P85D



+1. That’s a match-up I would pay to see.

And for the price of the Speciale I could have both the 222 and the P85D in my garage.

I’d like the see the Zombie 222 vs. the Rimac Concept One

Am I the only one who thoroughly enjoyed the sound of the screaming Ferrari V8(?). Common folks, be honest, it’s pretty awesome (in small dose), no?

There should be drag races that have rolling starts, say, from 5mph. I would like to see how the Tesla fares against ICE cars that can’t be set into a fake “launch mode” – revving up high, waiting for some green light.

So a 1 place+ compact golf bag car, can take a 5 peoples car with all the gear they need for a vacation trip.
How surprise it is that it has a hard time beating it.
Those thing are dying pretty fast!

With all these videos on the web… If I were Elon Musk, I would produce a Model S drag racing limited edition. Not a family sedan, but a supercar with an aggressive look intended to eat any gasoline supercar you can think of on any track. I’m sure there would be tons of people to jump on it.