Tesla Model S P85D vs BMW M4 – Race Video


A couple of specs on both vehicles before they take off!

A couple of specs on both vehicles before they take off!

Tesla Model S P85D is at it again. This time it’s drag racing a new BMW M4!

Undoubtedly, these are 2 cars aren’t alike, though it seems like every vehicle wants to take a shot at the Model S P85D.

For example, a Ferrari 458 Italia going up against a Model S P85D. Or how ’bout a Lamborghini Aventador up against a Model S P85D?

We highly suspect that these few races against the P85D are only the beginning and that there will be tons more… Enjoy!

*Editor’s Note: Racing is strongly suggested to be conducted only on the race track. Not on public roads.

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I like how the GoPro cams are in 90% of all these off track drags….lol

Damn, I should’ve bought their stock.


inb4 the whiners

Tesla Fan

that bmw sounds like ****!


“Smack down……..will they recover”

seems to be a theme

Warren M

Isnt this an old video? 2 wheel drive turbo? Convert is the slowest. Stock M4 coupes trap at 119mph. Modded new ones with turbo upgrades are already 600+ who…130mph traps. When a Tesla can pull a 130 mph trap..It will be able to keep up at freeway speeds…otherwise it will have to be relegated to beating cars from a standstill only.


BMW with turbo upgrades == no warranty. No thanks! You can’t hide it from them either, BMW has hidden ECU settings that allows them to detect when a car has been modded like that.

Meanwhile, the P85D is going to get a factory upgrade to a 155 mph top speed. That upgrade will be free, and Tesla will send it wirelessly with no need to visit a dealership.

I’ll take door number 2, Monty!

Warren M

A stock M3 has had a faster quarter mile trap so far than the P85D. The M3 ungoverned can get pretty close to 200mph. The Tesla is it could touch 200mph,would take so long, its motor/battery would probably fail first. The electric cars are fast off the line, but at higher speeds, the power isn’t comparable. As I said, my tuned 335i did 60-130mph in under 7 seconds. The Tesla is probably literally double that time.

Rick Danger

Who cares if it can go 200 MPH? The Tesla is not a track car.


Why on earth is DragTimes doing these videos on the street, instead of a drag strip.

Someone needs to give them a good slap across the face.