Tesla Model S P85D Versus Porsche Panamera Turbo S – Drag Race Video


It's Race Time

It’s Race Time

“The four-wheel drive Tesla Model S P85D pumps out 691 bhp and will blast from 0-60 mph in just 3.1 seconds… but how does it stack up against the beastly 562 bhp Porsche Panamera Turbo S from 0-100 mph and back again? Watch the video to find out!”

States the video description.

Having seen the Tesla Model S P85D demolish practically every car its races against, we’re rather certain that, even without watching the video, one might predict that the Tesla wins this matchup, but surprisingly that prediction will be proven wrong.  The Porsche dominates this battle.

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0-60 mph on 3.6 sec ??

Someone had a slow reaction time

It actually seems that there was something wrong with this particular P85D. Go to 3:25 in the video: “there was a hesitation off the line [in the P85D], almost if the electric motors took a deep breath.”

They should have done more than one run.

The Model S driver clearly didn’t launch properly. Nothing beats the P85D in the first 100 feet, not even in the drag race with the Ferrari 458.

The AWD Nissan GT-R NISMO goes 0-60mph in just 2.7 seconds, while at a full half second slower the Tesla P85D goes 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds. Just sayin’.



Sven, 0-60 isn’t the same as 0-30, or first 100 feet that Joe was talking about. It is that initial off the line launch that looks off in this video, long before getting to 60 mph.

I don’t agree that nothing beats the P85D in the first 100 feet. An high HP/torque AWD ICE car with launch control that weighs a good deal less than the P85D, can’t beat it in the first 100 feet. It comes down to power to weight ratio and gearing. This is a bad angle, but it appears that the GTR keeps up with the P85D at the start of the race.

Interestingly enough..the AMG , RS7, M5 all are similarly capable.

What kind of idiot do you have to be to mess up the launch of a P85D?

Maybe it’s the Dodge Challenger Hellcat driver that lost badly in a drag race to a Tesla P85D. He has to have a day job.


Model S driver , late and slow on the pedal
its important to mash the pedal quickly to the floor. somewhat different technique from most high hp ice cars.

For something actually interesting, they should put all these super sedans on an actual racetrack, and see how they handle the corners. But that takes actual skill, so not likely we’ll see either reviewers or owners doing it.

A Panamara Turbo S would absolutely murder any Tesla on a track such as the Nurburgring. Check out the lap time for one and you would be surprised how capable of a handler the Panamara Turbo S is. Also, the AMG,RS7,M5, all turn as fast or faster trap speeds in the qtr mile as the Turbo S.

As others have pointed out a little soft on the accelerator. The Tesla does not pause off the ____, that is why it is called instant torque.
So for an extra $40k you get more stopping power and higher, though hardly usable, top end speeds.
Still the Panamera is a great car. If you are not into high end ev’s, it would be a good choice, if you can afford the TCTO.

Anybody know if there was a significant difference in tires? Size, all season, brand etc.

How many launch modes Panamera can handle before it goes for engine rebuild ?

On the Tesla you must raise your foot off the go pedal and STOMP it to get max launch.

In the video you can clearly see he does NOT do that when he launches. Instead it looks as tho he was “brake torquing” it (you see the car squat just before launch.) Which is silly to do in an electric car, because you don’t need to build revs before you launch.

Ozzie is correct. At 2:00 min into the video, right before they launch, you can see both of the driver’s knees drop, in what looks like both pedals being pinned to the floor. Like you would do with gas car with an automatic transmission and a rev limiter.

Definitely the wrong launch technique.

With that said, the Porsche with the carbon ceramic brakes and much lighter weight still would have won.

On the Tesla you must raise your foot off the go pedal and STOMP it to get max launch. And have at least 175 miles range remaining or power is moderated a bit.