Tesla Model S P85D Versus McLaren 650S – Drag Race Video


Race Time!

Race Time!

This race pits the Tesla Model S P85D against a McLaren 650S.

The power advantage goes to the Tesla, but it’s a far heavier vehicle than the purpose-built-for-speed McLaren 650S.

Which vehicle wins the race?

Well, let’s just say that this particular McLaren is one car that actually makes the P85D look slow, both off the line and further down the road.

The Tesla does take the lead early on, but that advantage only lasts for a second or so.

Full recap at DragTimes.   Racing should only be done under controlled circumstances, on closed roads and with proper oversight.

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Isn’t it something that the Tesla is sought out so much, by so many exotic types of cars to race? This time it’s the McLaren 650s, which costs at least triple and is production limited to a few dozen. Haha…

Right. It should be no contest and it isn’t.

It is interesting to see, but races with turns are so much more fun.

Tom said:”Isn’t it something that the Tesla is sought out so much, by so many exotic types of cars to race?”

Yeah, during a leisurely Sunday drive to church, the Tesla just happened to have three Go Pro cameras attached and filming when he randomly encountered a McLaren 650S that challenged him to a street race. Perhaps Tesla types seek out exotic cars to race, just as much if not more than exotic car types seek out Teslas to race.

Lol. Tesla is the one seeking out other cars. These drag races never occured with any regularlity before Tesla decided to use it as a marketing tool.



OP> …racing should only be done under controlled circumstances, on closed roads and with proper oversight…

Yes, a shame that is not what this video depicts. Take it to the track, guys, not a public street separated from traffic by only a median and a chain link fence (you think that fence is going to keep you from going under or over at 100 mph?)

Street racing is a felony in a lot of places. They crush your car in Southern California.

In many if not most states, if one of the street-racing drivers crashes and dies, the other driver will be charged with manslaughter. Under felony murder statutes, if you commit a felony and someone dies during the commission of that felony, even someone who is helping you commit the felony, you are responsible and will be charged with murder or manslaughter. That’s why when one car crashes during a street race, the other driver always flees and leaves the crashed driver for dead.



Wait till the Model S fleet gets older, and parents let their 16-year-old sons drive their older Model S’ as hand-me-down cars. It won’t be long before these teen drivers try to impress their friends with displays of speed and acceleration, and of course some street racing.

all that you have cited is articles that state that people were *charged* with vehicular manslaughter. a charge does not mean that they will get a conviction. for vehicular manslaughter, the other person has to die as a direct result of *your* actions; i think that the vehicular manslaughter charge for the deaths of the other idiots is far fetched. what happened in these cases is that the other idiots were also reckless and the deaths of those other idiots was the result of their own recklessness; that doesn’t sound like a vehicular manslaughter charge that is going to hold up for a conviction.


All good points but:

a) whether or not convicted, I would not want to be charged with manslaughter. Reputation. Legal expense. Lifelong feeling of shame. Loss of friend, acquaintance, or even a fellow human I just met 5 seconds ago.

b) likely civil litigation. Even if you “win” the legal expense will ruin you. The more you are worth, the more you stand to lose.

For what? 15 seconds of adrenaline? Bragging rights to other idiots?

This Tesla owning doctor wasn’t even racing another car, was charged with manslaughter:


Two lives lost. And another ruined. Tragic.

even if the idiot beats the vehicular manslaughter charge, he is still on the hook for getting sued by the people did get injured by this “dumb and dumber” stunt. when you are this obviously reckless, it’s hard to come up with a good story as to why you shouldn’t be made to pay money for it.

the case of the surgeon that you cited is more of a standard vehicular manslaughter case; it was *his* reckless operation of a vehicle that directly caused the death of two people. you can, btw, have a legitimate case of vehicular manslaughter when drag racing if you, for example, swerved and that started a chain reaction in which the other driver ended up killing himself or someone else. the idea is that there has to be a direct connection between something that you did in the reckless operation of a vehicle and someone getting killed; it’s not enough that the other person was a bigger idiot than you were.

No comment,

Perhaps you missed it but I said the surviving driver would be charged with manslaughter on the basis of the “Felony Murder Rule,” just like if three people go to rob a bank, and the bank guard shoots dead one of the three bank robbers dead, the other two bank robber will be charged with murder of their accomplice in addition to bank robbery.

It’s not “far fetched.” Google and you will find convictions. Engaging in street racing is inherently reckless, and it takes two drivers at a minimum to commit the crime.


Yet another reason the car has a “valet mode”.

These guys are racing on I-595/Sawgrass extension in south Florida.

these “drag racing” article postings are idiotic in general, but even worse when they are done on public roads.

i agree, these “dumb and dumber” stunts should be kept to closed tracks and the policy of insideevs should be to NOT post any idiotic “drag racing” videos that aren’t shot on a closed track. no, an access road next to a highway with no meaningful barrier does not constitute a “closed road”.

it is not a surprise when there are no problems when everything goes as planned; it’s when things DO NOT go as planned (such as an unexpected tire blowout) where hazards can be created. i guess i’m more ok when it is just the idiots that get injured or killed, but a car at high speed could careen out of control and injure people who had nothing to do with the idiotic stunt.

Anybody saw the cyclist on the first run.
Boy why do you thing cyclist aren’t racing car lover!

Stop whining


Thanks for sharing your level of maturity. Now we know.

Just this year up the road from me a bit:

“A Nissan Altima, driven by 18-year-old Gabriel Becerra Esparza, and BMW sedan, driven by 23-year-old Manuel Maldonado-Avalos, were speeding and thought to be racing when one or both of the cars lost control, police said. The two cars pinballed against each other and a guardrail, then careened toward the sidewalk where a woman was walking or jogging.

The Nissan pinned the woman against a tree, police spokeswoman Sgt. Heather Randol said. The woman, who was pronounced dead at the scene, was described only as an adult female; her identity was not immediately released.

Both drivers were taken into custody and booked on charges of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and reckless driving causing great bodily injury, Randol said.”


It might be fast, but that noise. It’s not even a good sound IMO, sounds broken.

Smells old-fashioned, too.

I will take the Tesla

Enough with the dumb drag races already between cars that are quite obviously intended for different purposes the Model S as it exists today really has no equal in the market anywhere as a family sedan in terms of functionality and efficiency. Of course something is always going to be faster we could race something against the space shuttle for crying out loud sheer brute does not a good sedan make for all aspects of the motoring public at large. Yes the Model S is expensive but so are Ferraris and Lamborghinis and such and they offer nowhere near the utility in terms of being an everyday vehicle that can be a soccer mom vehicle as well as a commuter vehicle and take a family of four out on the town comfortably this is just dumb.

Darn … once the “Ludicrous” models hit the street, it will be necessary to do all these exotic drags over again.

Tesla 0
Mc Laren 4
Cyclist 10 (most cleanest vehicle there)

Id choose the Model S over any fossil car, but whow, that 650 sounds very refined. The way the rev’s increase sound almost like a simulator. Is this the end where petrol cars can be further refined and the start of EV racing future?

When you have a family sedan racing an exotic sports car which one would you expect to win ? It only makes sense that the S Model can’t beat EVERY car out there , but it always puts up a good fight for a large, heavy, 4 door sedan.

In the second race when the Tesla got a better start the McLaren didn’t overtake it until almost 7 seconds. At that point the Tesla is hitting about 85-90 mph. That’s still impressive that it took that long for a 2 seat supercar that costs 2.5 time more.

The Tesla P85D is an exotic family sedan.