Tesla Model S P85D Versus McLaren 650S – Drag Race Video


Race Time

Race Time

Time and again we’ve seen the Tesla Model S (in several versions) whoop some of the world’s ultimate supercars.

This time the competition is a McLaren 650S Spider vs a P985 w/Insane mode, in a very even match-up; also helping out the AWD Tesla – a wet track.  (Hey, the weather isn’t always perfect)

Video description:

“Catch the drag race action from the UK as the Tesla Model S P85D takes on the McLaren 650S Spider.”

Even with launch control enabled, the McLaren is biting off all it can chew with this particular S, which again, is only a P85D withInsane Mode, no P90DL here.

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11 responses to "Tesla Model S P85D Versus McLaren 650S – Drag Race Video"
  1. Bevo says:

    Too bad the piston driver doesn’t realize the 90DL would comfortably wave bye bye…

  2. Kdawg-javik says:

    I can’t wait till the Gen2 Roadster is out. They are racing sports cars vs. a large sedan.

    1. Hector Otero Jimenez says:


  3. Terawatt says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I have to say I hope the time soon comes where it isn’t considered news each and every time someone races a Tesla against some other car.

    It’s not so much the fact that it’s getting really old and is now seriously uninteresting. I know I don’t have to read these stories. But if you didn’t spend time making these stories perhaps I could instead have had some real news to read..? Make some of the highly technical articles on Green Car Congress about battery tech more accessible maybe..?

    Even some op-ed style pieces about EV policy, charging infrastructure, or almost anything else would be *very* interesting compared to the endless stream of Tesla drag races..!

    1. Kdawg-javik says:

      eh.. i’m not into car racing that much either (definitely not a gear-head), but I find these amusing.

      If anything, it shows gear heads that EV’s can be superior.

      If an article is not of interest..just don’t read it.

      1. Tom K says:

        Plus one

  4. Bul_gar says:

    that is strange.
    650s spider does 1/4 mile for 10.5sec 136mph.

  5. goodbyegascar says:

    The McLaren 650S Spider base price is $280,225.
    It is EPA rated at 18 MPG combined (16 city/22 hwy).

  6. Elroy says:

    These are good videos because it is what is getting the attention of ICE gearheads who might otherwise ignore the existence of EVs.

  7. Phaedrus says:

    I think the Tesla batteries where pretty drained in the third run.

    1. geosynch says:

      Not drained, but getting warm. ergo, not putting out it’s maximum possible.

      The MS is known to be fastest in its first run. Unless it is given sufficient time to cool the batteries, subsequent runs will also be a wee bit slower.