Tesla Model S P85D Versus Lamborghini Aventador – Race Video


This Tesla Model S P85D versus Lamborghini Aventador race video comes via the same YouTube uploader who pitted the P85D against a Ferrari just a couple of weeks ago.

The P85D smoked the Ferrari, but the Aventador is far more capable than that aging Ferrari.  Was the P85D up to the task?

“Ever wonder if a 691-hp Tesla can beat a 691-hp Lamborghini in a drag race? I did. So I raced my new Tesla Model S P85D against my Lamborghini Aventador.”

Let's Race

Let’s Race


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I know there are some people who are rich beyond belief, but for the rest of us it is probably clear that the Tesla is super competent compared to the Lamborghini

and also much cheaper to purchase,
and also much cheaper to maintain

No wonder Tesla is creating problems for luxury brands

Jouni Valkonen

And then there is Tesla Mode 3 P85D coming in 2016. That is about 20 % smaller than Model S and somewhat more lightweight than that Lamborghini. When Tesla, of course, offers the same 500 kW drivetrain to Model 3, it really will be insanely quick accelerating. My guess is That Tesla is targeting with Model 3 some 2.7 seconds from zero to 60. If Model S P85D was capable to match McLaren F1. Then it would be natural that Model 3 aims to match McLaren P1 in acceleration!

David Murray

I do not expect the Model III to perform anything like the Model-S. The Model-S and X are premium offerings and the Model III will be their low-end product.

I honestly expect the Model-III will try to be a bit faster than the BMW i3, which will be it’s closest competitor. So expect it to probably have a 0-60 time somewhere around 6 seconds.


I would be happy if the Tesla 3 could run 0 to 100 km/h anywhere under 10 seconds as long as the range is above 400km, top speed of 150 km/h would be fine.


I think you have missed the whole point with the Model 3 (III, E or whatever). This model will not be released until 2017 at earliest and the car will be half the price of the Model S.

The main idea is NOT to make a lighter (though it probably will be lighter since it will be smaller) and faster car with the Model 3. The idea is just to make it cheaper, and cheap enough for many to afford it.

I doubt the Model 3 will ever get the power options that the Model S has, since it requres that the car is built to handle such acceleration. Cutting down the price will surely mean cutting down on performance parts aswell.

We will however probably see a new Roadster v2.0 based on the new platform that probably will be less than 3 sec from 0-60, but Roadster v2.0 will probably not happen until a few years after the Model 3.

There has also been talks about a new truck from Tesla (like Ford F150), so we will have to wait and see what cars Tesla will prioritize after the Model 3.


The latest version of the old Roadster was 2.5, so the new one will be at least 3.0.


+1. Model3’s goals are price, price, price. Still wouldn’t surprise me if it did 5 seconds, not 6, to 60mph.

I think key to this vid is how nasty quick the P85D is “out of the hole”.


Maybe these videos need to be shown to law enforcement. Seems like everyone want to race a Tesla on public roads. This is not the place for this kind of stupid s*.*

y vachon


David Murray

There have been arrests before based on videos like this. So I’m quite surprised they are putting them out there in public.


That’s why they blur the plates…


Yes. Because it’s so impossible for the police to look up all people in Florida who own both a brand-new red P85D and also a brand-new blue Lamborghini Aventador.


How do you know that he owns both? And still that won’t make it to court.


> How do you know that he owns both?

Um… Because he said so? Not a deep reader I take it.


Who says they are both registered in Florida?

If you have enough money to buy an Aventador, it could be registered anywhere in the country and you could just have it shipped around with you when you want to drive it.


Best to purchase in a state that does not charge state tax. Buy a condo in that state so you wont be charged tax when bringing it into your home state.

Tesla Fan

You can leave

Tesla Fan

you guys are always late with these vids!

he already put another one up verses a 458 Italia