Tesla Model S P85D Versus Ferrari F12 – Drag Race Video


Off The Line, The Tesla Model S P85D Takes The Early Lead

Off The Line, The Tesla Model S P85D Takes The Early Lead

The folks over at DragTimes have appointed themselves with the task of pitting the Tesla Model S P85D against seemingly every high-performance ICE car out there.

This matchup see the P85D square off against the Ferrari F12.

Here’s DragTimes‘ brief description of the race:

We attended a private track rental put on by ADV1 at Palm Beach International Raceway where we setup a race between the Tesla Model S P85D and their Ferrari F12. Could the 691HP Tesla Model S P85D use it’s all wheel drive advantage to hold off the 730HP V12 powered, rear wheel drive Ferrari F12 down the 1/4 mile?

While the Tesla pulled a great reaction time of .06, continued on with a 0-60 MPH time of 3.1 seconds and a 1/4 mile time of 11.6 @ 115 MPH, it wasn’t enough to fend off the Ferrari. The Ferrari F12 came on very strong and won by .52 seconds running very impressive 10.8 @ 132 MPH on regular street tires, no drag radials needed.

Source: DragTimes

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Ah, yeah Ferrari F12. Three times the price (+ noise protection headphones) for 0.52 seconds faster acceleration against a family, 5+2 seating sedan.

Yes, I think that about summarizes what has happened here.

16 mph faster and .50 seconds is Huge in the qtr mile. The Tesla would need about 200 more HP to trap 132mph. 3500lb, 450 hp cars trap 116mph, 650 hp at least to trap 132mph. A 700 HP Hellcat doesnt even trap 132mph.

It’s not lack of power. It’s lack of another gear to go into.


It’s not the (shiftable) gear, it’s the flat torque curve that falls precipitously beyond 40mph or so. Tesla will need to widen the torque bandwidth at the wheel by increasing the power *and* inserting a (fixed) gear to fend off the likes of Ferrari beyond 0-60 contest.

Eh, never mind, it was just a lazy thinking. Looking at the dyno again, I see that power trails off after 70mph. Shifting at that point would help.

You are just making excuses…

It is like Ferrari owners making excuse that their cars are faster when they can’t carry 2 more people…

This is the drag race. Nobody forced the Tesla owners to participate and then brag about it how fast it is or how much it lost…

Sure, when you put in perspective, P85D is a great car, but don’t try to use it for drag races if you want to use passenger load as excuses…

In a Nut shell!

Yup, put a transmision into Tesla and the car will be unbeatable

Even the Volt lowers the rpm over 60 mph when the second electric motor attaches. This is something Tesla can do to beat the very few cars that it cannot presently. I also think it would give the motor a rest at highway speeds.
Btw This is how you race, at a track. Do not do this on the streets. Things can pop up at you that you never expect and can ruin your life.

The Tesla jumped too…

Did it jump, or was it just able to start more quickly?

What kind of wheels are on the P85D? Definitely not OEM.